Rolled some 0-lvl DCC characters just because, was interesting, but there was very little support for actually doing it, all the information is there, but there's no step by step

Book repeats over and over "you are an experienced gamer" and I think you really have to be, which🤷🏽‍♀️

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It took me until page 360 to realize a "Luck Check" is a roll under the luck score.

It is stated in page 19. But it works so different than the other systems that even though **I know I read it** my brain just didn't registered it

Up to this point luck seemed weird, because I was expecting it to be rolled against a nebulous DC

But a roll under makes a lot of sense... it's just weird in the context of the other systems, because luck is also an "Ability Score" but can work differently sometimes

@darkade well, there *are* step by step instructions starting on page 16 of DCC. It does indeed assume you are familiar with some of the core mechanics of D20-Style RPGs. I personally found it well written and it does explain the new stuff well, but DCC can be a bit wordy and you really have to read the character generation chapter from start to finish. The game is really fast and easy to play, which is kind of surprising when you consider the 400+ pages of rules.

@darkade To be honest, since 0-Levels are almost completely randomly generated, I sometimes just use the Purple Sorcerers 0-Level generator.✌️

@Moonmoth @Moonmoth I like the game I like that it's weird and fast, and I don't mind it being wordy

I rolled four characters following everything I'm the chapter and ended up without

- speed
- init
- armour class

To fill in init and AC all you get is "your agility modifier affects your Armour Class, [...] initiative rolls [...] and even then it does not provide base values to be modified. I assumed it was init 0 and AC 10 but I had to go to Purple Sorcerer and compare it to be sure

@darkade Your Dex Bonus always modifies your initiative. Warriors add their Level, too.

@Moonmoth human base speed is first mentioned in the Dwarf class "Slow: a dwarf has has a base movement speed of 20' as opposed to 30' for humans"

And again I could have just written down 30 because I knew it. But it's 🤷🏽‍♀️ not exactly a complaint

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