We had a really productive conversation about our LVL 12 dnd game tonight

I been feeling like there's friction in our game, turns out we all feel like that somewhat. We agreed on how we'd like to fix it

At the same time the idea of a "spin off" of the same series came out and we are doing that 😂

We are playing a Blades in the dark spin-off, it will need a bit of adaptation but I think it'll be ok


The idea is that main characters are beefy enough that we'll plan encounters to directly target the BBEG, who will likely be using massive creatures. Which is something we were building towards, but I think we all were sort of afraid of really pushing there.

There will be a bit more of hard framing to put the characters in that situation, but we agreed that was sort of necessary to get the characters the resolution we feel they need

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The Spin-off follows some NPCs we vaguely introduced tonight.

Recently the main characters opened a bar, we'll play a BitD game where the protagonists are the NPCs they hired to run the bar in their absence, because they will be fighting the BBEG

I don't have a ton of details because we just agreed to that, but I think we'll play a score of BitD, the down time, and then get back to dnd, settle some encounters and get back to BitD

I'm not sure it will work, which I stated explicitly and we all agreed to. But it'll be a nice change of pace

I kept tinkering with watabou.github.io/city-generator

until I felt satisfied :3

@konahart It's a very capricious tool, but I think it renders amazing results

@darkade oh my gosh. That's a gorgeous city, and what a fun toy!

@sev Right? It's a very cool generator. I recomend everything by Watabu

specially their dungeon generator watabou.itch.io/one-page-dunge

@darkade the last campaign I ran for my home group was a Dungeon World campaign centered around a very small area, its inhabitants and its inner and outer threats, and for the end-game we switched over to Kingdom. It was a blast, and led to things that had no chance of happening in DW.

@eladhen I so want to try Kingdom! I've played Follow and Microscope and they are exceedingly good. Microscope is one of my favorite games

I think Lame Mage games' openness is not for everyone but it so for me

@darkade I think it's the best of the lot (though I love Microscope and Follow). I think they are all pretty brilliant games, and with all their openness, their procedural nature means that "who does what next" is always clear.

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