I made a Witcher reference Booklet for my partner

I got a long stapler and I think I might get one of those things that round paper corners

I also used pdfbook2 tool which sorts pages and makes them printable in this booklet format


xD why a save against petrification? Is it because not being petrified requires you to move and moving is related to avoiding the falling block?

This has been by far the funniest thing I've seen out of this game

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🎲I've been working on Yonder, a Free dice roller that works within google sheets

Right now it supports PbtA, FitD and d20-like games, as well as Troika and Flying Circus directly

Try it and let it me know if it works for you!!

➡️➡️➡️Get it here: bit.ly/3MfBnLK

This keeps the lower HP throughout all progression.

Not to mention OSE's highest HD is a d8, which is the norm in 5e.

I'm including a screenshot as reference but for starters

The highest HD in OSE is d8 vs d12 in 5e

The lowest in OSE is d4 vs d6 in 5e

Moreover in OSE you roll for your HP to start and in 5e you begin with a fixed amount

These differences stack so that in 5e you become an HP mountain affecting the effectivity of the default improvised damage in 5e

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There's something about this backpack being 28L (1 cubic feet) that makes the idea of tracking inventory be.... something
I don't know what but I expected 28L to be much bigger

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I used to not be very big on dungeon crawling because I felt it didn't worked. But I've been playing Old-School Essentials and it sooo works

So I've been revisiting 5e's very few dungeoneering rules, and the first that begins to signal why dungeon exploration doesn't quite work is time.

Within a dungeon you could travel 200ft/min. Which is crazy fast for an environment that's trying to kill you

For comparison in OSE it's 120ft per 10 minutes, it's assumed you are looking out for danger

I backed Brindlewood Bay! It's been so much fun to run this game. It's fun, it's punchy, it is s c a r y like for real. I like it <3


Over a year ago my favorite podcast, Planet Money, revived a public domain superhero from the 40s, and planed a comic book, sold the rights to a musical, to merch, to cheese, to a drink, to a movie, to a choral music sheet and now the comic is finally done

It's been so fun to follow along xD


You can test is Yonder: Dice Roller for Sheets. It's a free dice roller for google sheets

Right now it offers support for games and games as well as some direct support for Flying Circus . And it has polyhedral dice right there

Learn more here! anya.reyescon.de/yonder/

Remember to fix your notifications/email settings to your preferences. For me it's all off


You can also turn off the notification sound from the notification tab itself. There's a small settings button just for that



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