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🎲I've been working on Yonder, a Free dice roller that works within google sheets

Right now it supports PbtA, FitD and d20-like games, as well as Troika and Flying Circus directly

Try it and let it me know if it works for you!!

➡️➡️➡️Get it here:

Next is healing. Dungeon delving, as intended seems to be about push your luck and resource management. In OSE healing comes from magic or resting a full day (just 1d3 per day)

While in 5e you can rest one hour and get, at least, 1HD+CON so you can push further

That should be good because you *can* push, but that often means GMs are inclined to introduce more combat encounters which, in turn, drag the game pace.

So while as a player you are inclined to push further, pushing is boring as heck

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I hate feet and yards and inches and all imperial units. While I have a sense of 1 to 9 feet, I can't wrap my head around any conversion between units, or anything bigger than that

Feet are arbitrary game measurement units, they could be called ducks, but even then they are weird 30 feet (ducks) is 5 hexes/squares

I like that Cyberpunk RED uses yards and says that you can treat 1 yard as 1 meter, because at this scale the conversion is probably not that impactful

1 yard = 0.9144 meters

The HP conversation goes far beyond dungeoneering which is my main focus right now, but one final note Is that your Hit Points CON bunus works sort of the same in both games, but the fact that there's Ability Improvements in 5e and that retroactively can affect your HP contributes a lot to the whole effect

(CON bonus stops working at LVL 9 in OSE as well as gaining extra HD)

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This keeps the lower HP throughout all progression.

Not to mention OSE's highest HD is a d8, which is the norm in 5e.

I'm including a screenshot as reference but for starters

The highest HD in OSE is d8 vs d12 in 5e

The lowest in OSE is d4 vs d6 in 5e

Moreover in OSE you roll for your HP to start and in 5e you begin with a fixed amount

These differences stack so that in 5e you become an HP mountain affecting the effectivity of the default improvised damage in 5e

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Character progression from OSE to 5e is obviously different, and the probably the source of most of the game's changes, but in particular Hit Dice is a big one.

For starters Hit Dice in 5e are incomprehensible, because they feel so detached from the rest of the game, but more over in 5e you gain one HD by level, and in OSE your HD are caped

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There's something about this backpack being 28L (1 cubic feet) that makes the idea of tracking inventory be.... something
I don't know what but I expected 28L to be much bigger

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The next weird thing is not about rules directly, but it still has to do with movement rate. Is the scale of maps. Dungeon maps in OSR adventures seem to be 10ft per square, while modern dungeons are 5ft per square. But a room will still be 3x3 squares. So crowded

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This is, of course, related to tone and genre. While not explicitly stated is not controversial to say that 5e's tone is very "heroic" the PCs are not assumed to be the underdogs, so they enter guns blazing and don't get really tired, they are Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. So it makes sense they move at superhuman speed

While in OSE, any false movement might kill them, they are Bruce Willis is Die Hard. Crawling trough this space is gonna take a while

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And we are not precisely playing by those rules in our OSE game, but the GM and the game itself, somehow make it feel like that's the time scale we are at

Which is very interesting

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I used to not be very big on dungeon crawling because I felt it didn't worked. But I've been playing Old-School Essentials and it sooo works

So I've been revisiting 5e's very few dungeoneering rules, and the first that begins to signal why dungeon exploration doesn't quite work is time.

Within a dungeon you could travel 200ft/min. Which is crazy fast for an environment that's trying to kill you

For comparison in OSE it's 120ft per 10 minutes, it's assumed you are looking out for danger

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Blackstone Bastion

This small fortress off the coast of Shu-Qune was once home to the rebellious Baron Sel'Qune - but today is the exile home of the Warlock Without Voice and their immediate companions.

#dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e #dnd #dndmap #dndmaps #osr #osrmap #osrmaps #rpg #ttrpg #rpgmaps #rpgmap

Ayer publiqué la versión en inglés y hoy la versión en español:

Cómo alguien que no es fan de D&D ha logrado mantener la campaña por dos años.

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Oreney’s Watch

Old crumbling stoneworks around an ancient bridge and watch tower on a small tributary of the Alaric.

Known as Oreney’s Watch after the ranger who saved countless lives reporting the Brightbone Ravagers moving into Pantesh.

In case it comes up I use:
- Fantasy Calendar
- Owlbear Rodeo
- A quick reference in Google sheets
- Dungeon Scrawl
- Watabou's one page dungeon
- Story games names project
- Tokens and map tiles from Gloomhaven

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So, I've been running our D&D game for about two years. In that time I've tried a lot of stuff to keep myself and the rest of the players interested. This is what has worked so far

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Raygun Rocket Font:

Dead simple and in the bag; again just gotta put together the glyph guide and put it up.

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🎮✨ the Nintendo series ✨🎮

More art backlog! this time a bit of colourful Nintendo nostalgia postcards/stickers. Some of my favourite pieces from the past years!

#MastoArt #Art #Nintendo #Pokemon #PokemonFanart #FediArt

Yesterday was Troika
Tonight it's D&D
Tomorrow it's Old-School Essentials
Friday it's Brindlewood Bay
Saturday it's Thirsty Sword Lesbians

And in a few weeks I'm starting Nahual.

I don't really need a break, but It will be good when some of these games end xD

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