... I swear I'll write up some things on game design here.

Got a group of designers working on understanding complexity in board games with the aim of providing labels for common problems and advice.


@blinks something like a design bible, a glossary of common problems and complexities, with references to common design tropes and implementations that attempt to tackle them (and ideally with some commentary on how/why/if they succeed) would be such a valuable resource.

I'd love to see something like that condensed down into something quick and easy to digest like yourbias.is/

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@darkliquid That's exactly the idea; in the Discord we call it The Book.

@garykac is working on a bit of this focused on complexity as it affects "time to first move" in tabletop, though we're talking about a bunch of related subjects in there, too.

I find that loads of things come up again and again when we talk to new and inexperienced designers. Just learning a new concept can help you look at your game differently.

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