@PaulCzege 1st rule: You do not talk about Yoga Club.
2nd rule: You do not talk about Yoga Club.
3rd rule: One stretch at a time.
4th rule: No shirts, no shoes.
5th rule: Stretches will go on as long as they have to.
6th rule: If this is your first night at Yoga Club, you have to stretch.

I amused myself too much with this entirely off-the-cuff quote from my character in last nights game: "For someone called the Minister of Spheres, you sure don't care about your balls much 'cos you're gonna lose them if you talk to her like that again!"

Nobody says "shush woman" to his bestie.

@Pawper I guess it depends on how DIY you want to handle things - you could always use GitHub actions to CICD it and deploy to a server via rsync/SSH on release if you don't mind having SSH details for the server stored in GitHub secrets. css-tricks.com/continuous-depl is a reasonable example of that approach.

@blinks something like a design bible, a glossary of common problems and complexities, with references to common design tropes and implementations that attempt to tackle them (and ideally with some commentary on how/why/if they succeed) would be such a valuable resource.

I'd love to see something like that condensed down into something quick and easy to digest like yourbias.is/

@davidschirduan very slowly chipping away at Emberheart, a weird, characters as dead-god parasites, multi-generational, doomed survival horror/community building/melancholy game.

I have fragments of setting material, disconnected bits of have mechanics and very little time to flesh it out and for it all together.
So far I've got bits inspired from forged in the dark, don't rest your head and some bits from microscope floating around, just need to get my head down and bring them all together

@matt I sold POD copies of Rusthaven back in 2016 from the UK. I think they printed them with whatever print shop they had nearest to the buyer - not sure if they still have a UK/Europe one now though

The core game fits well into the Forged in the Dark PCs/Crew dynamic, so it feels _easier_ to make the generational play a bolt-on, but also kinda cheapens it, especially when one of the key design goals for this is explicitly to _do_ multi-generational play and focus on the themes of passing the torch from one generation to the next, as well as dealing with the boons and troubles left behind by your forebears.

I want a much larger macro-game to the typical more micro-focused individual PC play

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My current design struggle is around my current long term project Emberheart. The rough sketch of the play style is thus: the game has a fixed-length meta-game - 25 generations and the world ends. Players play individual PCs, but it is the community they venture out for that is the thing that survives between generations, and whilst some PCs may be multi-generational, ultimately by game-end no original PCs will remain.

I'm unsure whether to decouple the generational meta-game from the main game

Hi peeps, I'm darkliquid, a coder and TTRPG enthusiast with a few things published, namely Rusthaven: a source book for Numenera, Non-Player Cards: an NPC generation toolkit, Mother's Milk: a trophy gold incursion, Roommates Wanted: a trophy dark incursion and various other bits dotted around here and there. Slowly working away on a few more projects, hopefully some of which will see the light of day at some point. Cypher system, rooted in trophy and forged in the dark is my jam.


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