Sentinel Comics RPG Starter Kit. Twenty bucks. Ask for it at your local game store.

Which, I need to do my own System Pitch article on my site sometime soon, though that's turning out to be trickier to write than I expected.

Sentinel Comics RPG: Superhero game in the Sentinels of the Multiverse world using brand new system. Biggest project I've ever taken on.

Cook-Off: Real-time cooking competition dice rolling board game.

Midnight at the Well of Souls: Puzzly exploration sci-fi board game.

Dungeon Cash: Gambling/economics game of getting cash from bad adventurers.

...So you could actually make a Mastodon instance where likes are florps and the timeline goes sideways, right?

Please join me on my 90s ska-themed Mastodon instance, "Zoot-Toot.Riot"

I'm a game designer who works in the board game and RPG worlds. I'm probably best known for Get Bit, that shark game.

I'm working on:
Sentinel Comics RPG (based on Sentinels of the Multiverse card game universe) where I do a lot of game mechanics.
Cook-Off (a real time cooking competition board game)
Midnight at the Well of Souls (puzzley sci-fi exploration game)
And other stuff coming soon.

I self-promote and try to make jokes. Also I talk about liberal stuff and dogs.

Migrated to, because how could I not.

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