Does this count as a "safety tool"?

In ABIDE players can spend a limited resource to upgrade their rolls and avoid specific consequences.

e.g. you roll a 6. You lose a precious item...unless you pay 1 Energy to upgrade to a different consequence.

Does player control = safety?

My suggestions:

First off all I love your game!!!!! so unique! But here's how to fix it:

* make it less unique
* make it exactly like every other game
* why isn't your game this other game that I already have? fix pls

The latest version of ABIDE makes the Number Chart even more integral.

After you roll a d20 you can spend Energy to improve the roll; 1 energy for +1 to roll.

Do you spend energy to avoid low numbers? Or spend to further improve high numbers?

Or save your energy for upgrades?

Grab it here:

Did another safety tools video on TikTok!
I'm sorry I had to link to it, but unfortunately it is 3 minutes so it is too big and clunky, LOL.

The Different Kinds of Safety and Calibration Tools in TTRPGs

Likewise instead of stat penalties we simply center the core gameplay around teamwork.

No Elder can do anything by themselves. But as a group they cover each other's weaknesses and can accomplish incredible things.

So they can still fight dragons and bash down doors...together!

It's still coming together, but I hope that ABIDE explores the fantasy of being an old badass without dismissing the struggles of age.

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One of the big big goals of ABIDE is to avoid "age penalties". Ability is a spectrum and stat penalties assume a "normal" status quo.

In ABIDE you play as capable Elders who rely on planning and teamwork.

So instead of saying "you can't carry as much because you are physically weak", ABIDE has a "mental inventory" system.

Your Elder packed everything they need, but they only think about a few things at a time.

(while in truth, the PLAYER doesn't know what they might need).

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Ben Laurence's most recent blog post is about aging adventurers.

"...I would be very interested to see serious attempts to bring that into gaming."

I got you Ben. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ramble about ABIDE.

Can anyone recommend a US-based printer for hardcover books?

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