To celebrate the longest night of the year, I'm going to sit in the freezing cold tending a campfire for no good reason.

I'm also putting my game Rusałka on sale, and every copy sold makes a community copy available to someone else.

I've finished my short little visual novel experiment! It was a fun journey, and I learned a lot. If anyone is interested, it's up on here:

My "supernatural investigator" convention one-shot seemed to go over well, but I want to teach myself to run mystery-solving games with less prep. I no longer have the energy to put in a dozen hours of prep for a 4-hour one-shot.

Ready to run my supernatural investigation session at U-Con this weekend (using the Pip System, by Third Eye Games).

Slow progress on my short visual novel, The Experiment. Hopefully I'll be done in early December.

NOW AVAILABLE: it’s the “every game so far” bundle on Steam! Do you want to buy my entire catalogue at once? Or have some of my games already, but want to pick up the remaining ones? You save 33%, and only have to pay for the ones you don’t already own!

Here's a screenshot of the visual novel I'm working on. It's relaxing working on a game that's entirely about conversation and character.

Does anyone have recommendations for a game that’s mechanically and socially similar to League of Legends, but doesn’t have as much toxicity? My system has mused about playing it, but the few players we know have shut us down and said we wouldn’t be safe there. Not sure what our options are.

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Here's my game: Radio Age Heroes, a ten-page PBTA game of pulp adventure! And now that this is out of my head, I can get back to what I was supposed to be doing this month.

There's an RPG I wanted to get out of my head, so I'm doing . But because I have other stuff I need to do this month, I'm declaring today as my deadline instead of Nov 30. I'll post my results before end of day.

I picked up a pile of cool games from the Halloween sale: Eldritch, Metronomicon, Signal from Tolva, and Gentleman Bandit. A nice score for not much cash.

I dreamed that graphic novel journaling games had become popular. Western-style superhero books, but the reader takes the role of the main character, and every page has a journaling prompt like "How do you feel when your ex-lover archvillain Hyper Blast reappears?"

Upset with myself. Proofed my bread too hot and killed it. Made a mess of the kitchen with no nice bread to show for it.

If you're in the mood for some horror gaming but you don't want to mess around much with rules or character generation, I have a one-page supernatural-investigation RPG that might work for you:

I need to find ways to accomplish more in my TTRPG sessions in less time. If a half-hour session of Thundarr the Barbarian can present five battle scenes, interspersed with exposition and roleplaying, I shouldn't need four hours to run an adventure.

I'm running the Pip System by Third Eye Games for the first time today. Looking forward to seeing it in action!

Advantages of Ren'Py: straightforward scripting language lets me focus on content, narrative, and story.

Disadvantages of Ren'Py: I have to draw stuff.

Here's what I need today: a massively multiplayer kind-neighbor simulator. Give me the art and lore of a Destiny-type game but where people are flying around the solar system baking cakes for each other or something.

I am sitting on a lengthy response to someone who has leveled an unfounded criticism of Monte Cook's Consent in Gaming document, trying to decide whether it's worth pressing the Post button.

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