Getting set up for a GUMSHOE game on Friday. How's everyone else today?

I've just finished Wadjet Eye's Technobabylon. Great game! Challenging puzzles, fascinating story.

I'm starting to think that what I want out of TTRPGs is a framework for collaborative improvised oral fan fiction.

Looking for tools to help manage conversation flow during tabletop RP, especially online. I've been in too many games where the GM asks player A for a response, player A starts to respond, then during a brief pause, player B hijacks the channel for a length off-topic tangent, derailing and frustrating both the GM and player A.

3 AM storytelling game idea: You all meet at a waystation and discover that, miraculously, you all fell in love with the same remarkable person at some point in your life. You reminisce about them, exchanging stories comparing your various views of them.

Because I love open-license games, I've prepared a Creative Commons version of the core rules behind the Save the Universe RPG. It's up now for building and hacking purposes:

The first project I hope to release in 2020: an open-license reference document for the core rules behind Save the Universe.

If, like me, you're into point-and-click adventure games with story and heart, pick up a copy of Kathy Rain from your preferred digital storefront. It's a short game, but I enjoyed every minute.

It was nice to visit distant family, but now we are home again and I have my *tea* and my *kettle* and all is right with the world.

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Rewatching The Last Jedi tonight reminded me just how big and full of cool stuff it is. Also, I now want to run a GUMSHOE game in Canto Bight.

Homemade cauliflower tikka masala for dinner. It's nice how the right blend of spices can leave your soul warm.

Wanted: a tabletop RPG that resolves fight scenes quickly (one roll, or one set of rolls around the table) but narrates the outcome with flair and style. I want derring-do where the odds of success are intuitive, and where we don't need to play a dice game for a half-hour or so.

To celebrate the longest night of the year, I'm going to sit in the freezing cold tending a campfire for no good reason.

I'm also putting my game Rusałka on sale, and every copy sold makes a community copy available to someone else.

I've finished my short little visual novel experiment! It was a fun journey, and I learned a lot. If anyone is interested, it's up on here:

My "supernatural investigator" convention one-shot seemed to go over well, but I want to teach myself to run mystery-solving games with less prep. I no longer have the energy to put in a dozen hours of prep for a 4-hour one-shot.

Ready to run my supernatural investigation session at U-Con this weekend (using the Pip System, by Third Eye Games).

Slow progress on my short visual novel, The Experiment. Hopefully I'll be done in early December.

NOW AVAILABLE: it’s the “every game so far” bundle on Steam! Do you want to buy my entire catalogue at once? Or have some of my games already, but want to pick up the remaining ones? You save 33%, and only have to pay for the ones you don’t already own!

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