Oh, I got to jump into a brief D&D5 session last night. I played a tiefling warlock, and she's great. She's an entertainer, and she has a flute and tells stories, and she serves the Dark Lord who rules from the Abyss!

Here we go...the first construction picture for our new house!

Exciting, right? Now that we know where the well is going, I'm sure the rest is downhill.


Announcing The National
Emergency Library

The Internet Archive has temporarily suspended all waitlists, allowing you to immediately check out any of the 1.4 million books currently in our lending library. Until June 30th or the end of the US national emergency (whichever comes later), every borrowable book will be immediately accessible by anyone—creating, in effect, a National Emergency Library.

Another GUMSHOE session complete. Last time the PCs weren't prepared for vampires and had to run for their lives; this time they were properly armed and turned the tables.

Just wrapped up another 1900 Paris GUMSHOE session. We had a Russian noble on a quest for the Tsar, an airship explosion, and a vampire attack. Some PCs are going to be running dangerously low on point pools this adventure.

Stellaris, Battletech, Tyranny, Shadow Run: Returns and Shadow Run: Dragon fall are all on sale right now.

Luckily I already own them or I would be dropping MORE money on games today.


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