Advantages of Ren'Py: straightforward scripting language lets me focus on content, narrative, and story.

Disadvantages of Ren'Py: I have to draw stuff.

Here's what I need today: a massively multiplayer kind-neighbor simulator. Give me the art and lore of a Destiny-type game but where people are flying around the solar system baking cakes for each other or something.

I am sitting on a lengthy response to someone who has leveled an unfounded criticism of Monte Cook's Consent in Gaming document, trying to decide whether it's worth pressing the Post button.

God grant me the confidence of gamers who assume that their experience is universal, and that what works for them should work for everyone.

Can anyone recommend some well-done visual novels? Ideally I'm looking for something upbeat with interesting characters and good writing. Bonus points for silly or funny.

My digital pinball game, Professor Pinball's Castle, is now available on for Windows and Linux!

My latest Noita run: I'm surrounded by snipers, and I have enough firepower to fend them off. But I mis-step into a pool of polymorphing liquid that turns me into a sheep. While I'm unable to use my magic, the snipers close in.

And now, the exciting but difficult question: what game development project should I work on next?

I downloaded Noita from ( and I'm pleased with it. It's a beautiful game made up of long moments of thoughtful introspection, punctuated by bursts of explosive arcane chaos.

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For folks who prefer to DTRPG, the version of the Colludium TTRPG bundle, including Save the Universe, is now live!

The Colludium One TTRPG bundle, including Save the Universe, is live on DriveThruRPG! Here's the link: The bundle will be up soon...

So, because I apparently do this in every game I run, tonight's Dungeon World session was a whodunit.

Fun Dungeon World session last night! Vampires were slain, fire was summoned, the laws of time were bent, altars were buried, heirlooms were recovered. All in a day's work for the heroes!

I finally have my pinball game's source code up in GitHub. I'll be sharing the code with the community when the game's released.

I will repeat my offer to anyone in the US or Canada who is interested in starting a union: if you want to start a union, shoot me a message and I can give you resources, share my experiences, and help you figure out how to get started.

Tonight I'll be running Dungeon World for the first time. Wish me luck!

My pinball game has come along nicely in the last couple of months.

If you'd be willing to offer feedback on an early build of Professor Pinball's Castle (my digital pinball game), message me and I'll get you a download link. I have a Windows version now, but I might be able to produce Linux or Mac builds with a little time and effort.

I'm tinkering with what Soar might look like as a wrapper around another system--Cypher, in this case. You'd still draw 6 cards to create your character, but the cards in this case would provide elements and background for a Cypher superhero.

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