After a much longer revision process than I expected, my new fantasy novel, City of Crystal, is now available on the Amazon Kindle store!

:emergency: FREE GAME KLAXON :emergency:

Tacoma is currently on humblestore for $0 and it's pretty great

Like a cat, I have horked up some RPG theory all over's nice new rug

Check it out

I have asked some months ago, but I think it is time to try again: I am looking for a native American/English partner to translate my novels & texts in English.Ofc, we would share the income from English patronage.
I am fluent enough to check the work but not to do it myself.
My work is based upon Crusade history, murder mysteries & short stories.
Everything under BY-SA licence.
Check the French content there :

Retoot welcome


♲ So, here is my call to action: If you are a women, we actively encourage you to contact us to work on a design project. It does not matter that you have not designed a game from, say, the 80s. If you have an old game that you are interested in restoring, please pitch us on it....

Hey folks I need a job again. Looking for game jobs or anything in the Seattle area. Contract is ending

Currently: Game System Designer on a major AAA game

Past: Game designer on AAA and F2P games, Unity game programmer, and QA

Skills: Unity/C# (5+ years) Game design (4 years) Lua, JavaScript, C++, etc

Lmk if you have any leads and if not feel free to boost it otherwise. looking for work sucks. thanks

I had a good time at WinterCon this past weekend, but it was a sharp reminder of how difficult it is to fill a con table if you're not running D&D.

I enjoyed Long Way to a Small Angry Planet quite a bit. Fun characters, interesting setting, and a well-told story. It's nice to read a space opera about people getting along and building a family rather than just running around blasting stuff. I'm planning to read the sequels as soon as I can.

In case WinterCon (Rochester, MI) is within your gaming radius, I'll be running Save the Universe there at 9AM this Saturday! metrodetroitgamers.wordpress.c

Yay! Someone left a very nice review for Save the Universe on DTRPG. That's a good way to start the day.

@dbisdorf Relevance from Meguey Baker: "So this is why I've carved out cash to back patreons and kickstarters and drop money in @DungeonCommandr or @tanayawinder or anybody else's paypal: it's an act of rebellion against the forces that want us to be cogs, not humans."

I'm conflicted about pricing the games I write.

On the one hand: I don't write games for the money. I write games because I want people to play them.

On the other hand: by pricing my stuff as pay-what-you-want, am I, by extension, perpetuating the myth that all games should be free/cheap? Am I undermining the idea that professional designers should be paid a fair wage?

My interactive fiction entry for the Hard Boiled Wonderland game jam is complete:

I'm watching folks play Twilight Imperium on Twitch while I playtest my new Twine game. It's a good nerd morning.

I think I have an idea for a project for the Roll to Craft game jam in March. I've been thinking lately about what a little fantasy-adventure game might look like if it was about exploring and talking to people rather than about killing things and taking their stuff. This might be a good excuse to try it.

When I made maps for my D&D campaign, I made them (mostly) unlabeled and people liked that, because they could use them on their own. Well, going forward, I'm going to leave them completely unlabeled, except for numerals so one can easily write their own legend.

Check out a map of a small dock town, attached. Want your own similar map? Let me know what sort of area and I'll see if it's one I need as well, and I'll prioritize it!

ICYMI, my game "Deeds, not Words" (about the English suffragettes, although it really can be used for almost any activist group) is available for free at:

The couple of playtests I've had have gone really well and I'm happy enough with it to publish the first version on DriveThruRPG (as soon as I get the cover from the artist). See also the game's page on RPGGeek:

If you read it or play it, please give feedback!

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