I do like Grav. Took me like five minutes to set up a second blog on my web server. Uncompressed it, moved it to a /var/www/html subdirectory, tweaked the .htaccess, browsed to it so I could set up an admin user, and done!

Today's card is The World, which brings difficult decisions and difficult athletic routines.


For no good reason, I'm doing daily one-card tarot readings on my blog. Today's card is the Knight of Wands.


Writer friends: have we reached the point where you should just write "phone" and not "mobile phone" or "cell phone"?

I'm rewriting and packaging a convention adventure so that other folks besides myself might use it. It's sort of a relief to have a project where the target is clearly defined and the hard work of creation/testing is already behind me.

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If you like point-and-click adventure games, you should check out Wadjet Eye's Unavowed. Not only are the story and characters excellent, but it's a cool demonstration of non-linear gameplay in a point-and-click game.

Decent start to the Paris 1900 game last night. A little mystery, a little magic, a little occult-secret-society gossip. Looks like the investigation will finish up swiftly next session.

Getting set up for a GUMSHOE game on Friday. How's everyone else today?

I've just finished Wadjet Eye's Technobabylon. Great game! Challenging puzzles, fascinating story.

I'm starting to think that what I want out of TTRPGs is a framework for collaborative improvised oral fan fiction.

Looking for tools to help manage conversation flow during tabletop RP, especially online. I've been in too many games where the GM asks player A for a response, player A starts to respond, then during a brief pause, player B hijacks the channel for a length off-topic tangent, derailing and frustrating both the GM and player A.

3 AM storytelling game idea: You all meet at a waystation and discover that, miraculously, you all fell in love with the same remarkable person at some point in your life. You reminisce about them, exchanging stories comparing your various views of them.

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