My pinball game has come along nicely in the last couple of months.

If you'd be willing to offer feedback on an early build of Professor Pinball's Castle (my digital pinball game), message me and I'll get you a download link. I have a Windows version now, but I might be able to produce Linux or Mac builds with a little time and effort.

I'm tinkering with what Soar might look like as a wrapper around another system--Cypher, in this case. You'd still draw 6 cards to create your character, but the cards in this case would provide elements and background for a Cypher superhero.

Here's a video of my pinball game running on my big monitor, rotated into portrait mode.

Street bicycling up here is much different than back in Ann Arbor.

Recent progress on the pinball game includes more art on the table, and a pop-up instruction card.

I've added a rotating mechanical toy to my pinball game. The game is close to feature-complete, which means I'll be moving on soon to testing, tuning, and brushing up the art.

Slow but steady progress on the pinball game. The dot matrix display looks much more dot-matrixy, and the table is more visually interesting, but still not dynamic enough.

Our dog Tessa, on the way to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters.

I had a much better photo of the event in Petoskey, but my phone ate it. This is the shot that survived.

So far I'm finding that the Godot Engine is a great platform for simple pinball games. My project needs a lot of polish yet, and the physics are still a little floaty, but it's coming along.

I'm adding character-development questions to a bunch of the cards in Soar. I'm hoping these will help players come up with some quick and interesting facts about their heroes.

Here's a photo of today's bicycling milestone. The village of Pellston, three miles from the house.

As part of our effort to de-clutter the house prior to moving, my wife and I dismantled about 20 or 30 years worth of our old hard drives and pulled the platters out. All those years, all those old projects, all those old computers, reduced to a couple of dozen little metal disks.

After a much longer revision process than I expected, my new fantasy novel, City of Crystal, is now available on the Amazon Kindle store!

My multi-user Cortex die roller is coming along nicely:

UI still needs some work and I have a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff I want to clean up. And I should really get a domain name. But so far it's helped my online games immensely.

I love Sentinels of the Multiverse, but I'm terrible at it. So my rare victory feels great.

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