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I've just posted a super early preview draft of a superhero RPG I'm working on:

The wi-fi performance from our new AT&T router was unreliable at best. After much screwing around, I eventually--for lack of any other ideas--disabled the 5GHz signal and left the 2.4Ghz signal running. Today I haven't had a single problem. I'm sure there's a rational reason that turning off 5Ghz fixed the problem, but right now I'm just happy to have decent signal.

The good news: pandoc's Lua filter system gives you detailed and powerful control over document conversion.

The bad news: you have to learn to write Lua filters to get pandoc to output a reasonable-looking fiction ebook.

Frustrating argument with AT&T support. They're assigning us public IP addresses associated with locations in Kansas, Kentucky, and Florida, whereas we actually live in Michigan. This screws up access to some web sites that check our IP location. The AT&T techs insist that the problem is with our laptops, which betrays an utter lack of understanding the problem.

I want to write a free, copyleft book about how to thrive on low income in the USA, because all the books on personal finance give advice like "don't buy a latte every day," instead of "first, get your staples at the food bank, and *then* any other food via food stamps."

I've been writing an outline, and I need more sources. What books and links can you tell me about that are like more the food stamp example? (And please retoot!)

As part of our effort to de-clutter the house prior to moving, my wife and I dismantled about 20 or 30 years worth of our old hard drives and pulled the platters out. All those years, all those old projects, all those old computers, reduced to a couple of dozen little metal disks.

The Django Software Foundation is looking for an advances beginner Python/Django developper for a 4 to 6 weeks paid internship.

This looks really interesting, you should have a look if you need to acquire experience, while contributing to free software (meaning you'll incidentally help Funkwhale too ;)

Boost this and I'll show you your Shadowfist card.

Art friends, can I get recommendations for beginner-level drawing tablets? I want to get into digital drawing, but don't want to spend a ton if money.

So an irl friend and I are interested in starting an online (like through Discord?) DND campaign. Both of us have only played a few sessions of a campaign that won't be continued anytime soon (since my ex was the DM), and neither of us are comfortable DMing. Anyone have suggestions on how to get a good (friendly/compatible) party and DM together? (boosts are v welcome)

♲ #FastColor opens today on limited screens. It is a beautiful film about three generations of Black Women with heightened abilities. If you’ve been clamoring for Storm from Marvel, this is the movie you should see. Ditto if you appreciate movies that center women of color. 1/

Hey, folks, I'm having a bit of trouble making ends meet this month, so if you wouldn't mind buying some of my games at or that would be great. And if you aren't in the mood to buy something, could you at least boost the post, please? Thanks a lot!

The best part of not having my daily tea for the past few days is finally getting the kettle going again today.

Looking for a graphic designer with experience in book covers and book layouts, preferably novels. Paid work.

For some reason I find that I am writing myself a lengthy essay about the things I like and don't like in an RPG.

For the Roll to Craft game jam, Mary Lynn and I put together a simple quest-journey RPG called Save the Realm, based on Save the Universe. The new mechanics could use some tuning and debugging, but if you want a peek at what we've done so far:

Do any of my #gamedev friends have any experience with #godot? The idea of an open source game engine definitely appeals to me.

How does it compare to #unrealengine and #unity?


Looks like I found my playtesters, so I'm all set!

I'm looking for one or two players for a one-session online playtest of a game jam RPG I'm putting together: a simple fantasy-quest-journey game called Save the Universe. Session planned for Saturday the 30th, afternoonish (UTC-4).

Welcome to the intersection of food, film, and racism. This is a story of how, a day after Clio's racist convention experience, my friend Amber and I signed up at that same con to play a role-playing game called "Fortune Cookie Kung Fu."

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