I don’t normally post weird combos we find, but this pair in Wingspan was crazy. Once she had five birds she could just cycle 6 points a turn.

With watching and enjoying RoP I decided to go back a revisit my sketch of #Tharkun #Icanus #Olorin #Mithrandir - (with and without his hat). #LOTR #LordOfTheRings #Tolkien #FanArt
Basically sorting his blue hat and giving him his silver scarf...


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Made a character for Mausritter, and I’m excited to play. Stilton is a brave sparrow rider, white fur with a banded pattern, armed with a fish hook and a sling, wearing goggles. I’d love a character sketch, but don’t know who would do it for affordable rates.

Oops, I wish there was an edit button. I meant to say most games and sales will still be physical for the foreseeable future. And I say that as someone who has been running virtual games for a decade.

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I see some weird panic and gnashing of teeth about how Wizards push to be more digital will destroy the 3pp scene. I think it’s a little overblown.

Yes, Wizards has realized more gaming has gone digital and wants to get a piece of that market. But the vast majority of sales will still be digital.

The 3pp who have made names for themselves will continue to do fine.

But hey, if it does shift the marketplace I’m all for more variety of systems. There are a ton of good games out there.

Great campaigns I’ve had the fortune to run:
Modron March/Infinite Staircase/Dead Gods
Masks of Nyarlathotep
Enemy Within

Great campaigns I still want to try:
Great Pendragon Campaign
Anything Glorantha
Dracula Dossier
The Yellow King
And recently I’ve been eyeing the Darkening of Mirkwood

So many good games, never enough time.

What other great campaigns or adventure cycles am I missing out on?

Got a new game from my favorite solo series. So far my favorite is Soldiers in Postman’s Uniforms, with Pavlov’s House in a close second. Tempted to play all four in chronological order. We’ll see how Lanzerath Ridge plays out.

Game Design Brainstorm

What cool powers would you give an Astral Druid?

Microsoft Support: You need to optimize your poorly performing queries.

Our worst query: I was generated by Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.UserManager.FindAsync()


Catching up on my comics. I appreciate that Cates knows who the important characters are.

Undaunted Normandy, Solo Campaign
Scenario 6: Desperate Withdrawal

Using the hard Bot from Reinforcements. Only lost one scenario before this, victory this time. Quick match, only 7 rounds this time. Racing to escape, managed to get to the objective with no casualties.

Turn 19

Bridge secured. This was a tough fight. Lost 12 cards to the enemies 7.

Mortars are annoying but not as good as machine guns. And the enemy spent a lot of time shelling scouts on the already secured bridge.

But it was a fierce battle. I think their lack of scouts hurt them the most.

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Turn 18

Still taking heavy fire, but both squads are on the bridge now.

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Turn 17

Platoon commander is stymied by fog of war. Squad B takes heavy fire but is in position. Has at least one card left in deck. Squad A moves up in case B fails.

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Turn 16

Victory is so close I can taste it. I push the enemy squad off the bridge, they suppressed my snipers. Squad B gets close to the bridge. It could be over in one turn if my luck holds.

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Turn 14

It’s down to a race. Can I clear the enemy and get my squad back on the bridge? Machine guns keep suppressing me. It’s been a bloody battle.

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Turn 14

It’s down to a race. Can I clear the enemy and get my squad back on the bridge? Machine guns keep suppressing me. It’s been a bloody battle.

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Turn 13

Scouts are injured, but reinforcements are on their way. Almost finished off the enemy squad on the bridge.

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Turn 13

Squad B is pushed off the bridge. Enemy squad also injured, but need to push to regain initiative.

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