@linnaeus I'm going to to with the cell phone usage of Alice Is Missing.

Drat, that was the last year, right? COVID has really screwed up my perception of time.

Misspent Youth: Fall In Love, Not In Line is the punk RPG you didn't know you needed.


"Misspent Youth is unlike any other RPG I’ve ever played.... This is a game that lets us focus on the story, and makes it possible for old guys like me to imagine that we’re still young and fighting every day for something more important than a parking space."
— Wil Wheaton

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Picked up Agon by John Harper. This is definitely my style of . Wish I grabbed it sooner. Will have to see if my group wants to try a one shot sometime.

One of these days I want to make a Peloponnesian War RPG.

I tried the Versailles 1919 board game I just got solo. The solo mode wasn’t for me, so I didn’t finish. But it helped me learn the rules, and it’ll be a great multiplayer experience. France was dominating the whole time. From GMT

Been playing a long game of civilization with friends. Finally made peace with the Norse, and ready to rebuild. Then a comet destroyed one of my best cities. Not that I was winning anyway. Ouch.

One of my favorite designers is on this project, David Thompson (Pavlov’s House). I know are kind of niche, but they are a cool way to explore history. The Maquis fighting fascism, enough said.


I may have found a good use for my Short Order Heroes cards. Tales of Xadia has random tables to help with distinctions (along with attendant SFX). I might start using Short Order Heroes instead, and come up with SFX for the cards.

Played a good session of . We arrived at Westburg to find an enclave of humans besieged in one corner of the city. The blight has destroyed all crops, and they were starving. We sold them our horses for safe passage inside. They were eaten. The lord asked us for aid in a raid on a snakeman food store. We created a distraction and ambushed some patrols while the lords men unloaded the warehouse. The MVPs of the encounter were Mike and Chad, NPCs we picked up from the Bear Clan.

Had a Masks world building pre-session. Our world is going to be very different. An alternate history 2160. 100,000 people escaped through a portal to a new planet in 1962, thinking nuclear war was imminent. Some people got powers after going through the portal. It’s a brand new world.

I see Starforged doesn't offer community copies on itch. So I'd love to gift a couple copies if anyone wants one.

If it seems like your kind of game but you can't comfortably swing the $20 entrance fee, feel free to shoot me a DM and I can gift you a copy on itch. Let's say I've got 3 copies to gift.


Hey folks - in light of the SCOTUS leak, I'm putting together a DrivethruRPG bundle supporting reproductive rights.

Please drop me an email (allandaros @ gmail) if you want to contribute a product.

The intention is to go live this coming Monday, US Eastern time.


Just heard about a cool new indie game from designers. Gotta give them a signal boost. game about changing bodies.


Modern readers hearing about Forge critiques often don't seem to realize that at least some of the writers were strongly focused on Vampire 1st Edition, where:

The introduction says the object of play is to collaboratively create a story about humanity and monstrosity.

The rules tell you that characters are functionally superheroes with fangs.

The Storyteller is urged to use devices like foreshadowing in a way that assumes a railroad (not collaborative).

...It's mostly NOT about D&D.

Debating if I should back the Bladerunner KS. On the one hand, I love Bladerunner and it’ll look gorgeous. On the other hand I’ve yet to actually get a Free League game to the table, so I don’t know if I’ll ever actually play it.

i've been waiting for this belonging outside belonging/gmless + diceless to drop and it finally has!!! i'm real excited to try playing this, it looks wicked charming

Proofread the first 100 pages of Protocol Compendium 2 by jim pinto tonight. Mostly makes me wish I had a regular night. I need to play more of these. The Doom King is exactly my kind of throne room politics game.

@deinol @nickwedig @linnaeus I like the Dogs conflict mechanics (I used them as the basis for one of my MOSAIC Strict modules). But I think there's more to the DitV than just the conflict mechanics, and a lot of those other moving parts that make the system go are done with setting elements, eg isolated towns mean the Dogs can't ask superiors what to do, need to decide in the moment. The rules of the faith means there's no playbook for how to handle stuff, PCs need to decide. etc.

For people with visual impairments: what's the best way to write alt text for an image that contains a ton of information?

Specifically, I'm doing accessibility for D&D book that includes a dungeon map. The spatial relationships between rooms are vital information, but the alt text I wrote for this map is like 5 pages long, and I feel like that's too long to be helpful?

Boosts welcome on this toot.

Got some jim pinto books. Grabbed some old ones while I was picking up new ones.

A Comforting Apocalypse is a GMless game about people coming together after an apocalypse.

The Solomon Guild is a systemless book with three dozen NPCs to add a criminal underworld of any fantasy city.

Protocol Primer is a book of advice on GMless gaming, and includes a protocol about clan rivalry as an example.

George’s Children is another GMless game about a post apocalypse world without adults.

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