Finally tried Five Parsecs From Home. I decided the city hexes were hills. We were hired by Lady Evren of the Ganymede Club to protect her while she hunted a Krorg. I actually took out the target early on, and foolishly kept fighting thinking that my K’Erin could take them with all the stun tokens I was putting on them. I was wrong, we should have fled after bagging our trophy. Poor Tyua died from her injuries, and we lost some gear.

Realized this morning I could use my story points to save Tuya, although she lost her fancy axe. Moved on to a new planet to run from rivals, but the nomads and vigilantes followed them anyway. Next mission we have to retrieve a quest artifact before agents get it. Gonna be tough.

@deinol I really need to get this game on the table. My brain just doesn't like proxies and I am hung up on making terrain and minis. Then I see this and think I should just start playing. Thanks for the boot.

@chaosmeister I don’t own much terrain, so I’m going to use whatever maps I have that seem to fit. Or just draw on my erase map. But I’ve got a fair collection of 40K and other miniatures so I can proxy most things I might need. Eventually I might pick up some special ones for my crew.

@deinol I have a bunch of minis from Mercs Recon, Endure the Stars and Core Space. Nothing painted though. And I like pretty pictures. But you are totally right, better play with proxies instead of not playing at all.

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