I got Mutant Year Zero for Christmas and did a three part review of it for my first series in the new year. Here's the link to part 1.

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@dmtales Watching the video now! Good breakdown. Our friend has been trying to get us into it since her home campaign started in like... 2020. Her game's centered in Ireland and local to her friends there, but it's interesting to finally see "what it's all about" without having to dig into a huge book.

@dmtales Yeah it's a lot. We've been played a lot of retroclones and we usually make pretty lethal games but this seems like A LOT. I'm amazed she's run 2 years of *basically* the same characters and people. It feels like a sheet shredder tbh.

@theoriginalcockatricebyseance yah. If someone is into a seriously gritty game, with multiple aspects of play, then this game is IDEAL.

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