OK, GM/DM types, for the tables you run, what type of setting do you prefer?

If you homebrew, feel free to share a bit about your world!

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@dmtales Well, "all of the above" sounds about right for me. Apart from the Battleworld part - I'm no Beyonder!

@Moonmoth I know, I needed to have that, but I ran out of options and REALLY wanted the Secret Wars deep cut for old people like me.

@dmtales Generally run homebrew. Have run Middle Earth and Forgotten Realm and a lot of Star Wars, but even then they tend to get homebrewed to my versions of the setting.

@WelshAdventurer nifty. What’s a cool mod, or interesting feature you tend to add to your setting that makes it “yours?”

@dmtales Tend to ignore canon or major npcs in published settings. My PCs are the major players. Ran a Star Wars campaign that ended with the PCs invading the Death Star, planning bombs in the reactor, rescuing their boss from the holding cells and fighting Lord Vader on the way out before destroying it.

@dmtales It was great fun. One of the characters wanted to start a “Jedi” academy but wanted to avoid the mistakes of the Jedi, so set it up along the lines of the Minbari from Babylon 5. It contained force users, non-force using warriors and workers. The academy became the focus of a later campaign and the original characters background NPCs.

@WelshAdventurer you…. Mixed B5 and Star Wars… there were Rangers. Please tell me there were Rangers.

@dmtales Yes, having Rangers was important to the player.

He also played a Human Ranger in a Doctor Who game I ran.

The Star Wars game had many Babylon 5 and Firefly elements in it.

@SkipSandwichDX @dmtales don't fret it. I have about 20 years as a gm under my belt and love good books. Beeing a good gm does not mean you have to do all by yourself. Take what you like and adapt it to your game.

@SkipSandwichDX there is no intrinsically wrong way to run a game.

Published adventures and settings, homebrew, mish-mash. It doesn’t matter.

There is the game, and how you run it. If people are having fun [1], then you’re golden.

[1] And I guess I should add that we’re not encouraging real world harm. There’s folks who have very strange ideas of fun, which usually involve beating down folks who aren’t them. It depresses me that I feel the need to add this.

@dmtales @SkipSandwichDX homebrew. I run a weird history setting that revolves around the prohibition wars/rise of the mafia. The twist is that a stimulant known as lucid is distilled in the alcohol.

Lucid can let a mind accomplish what it puts itself to be it magic or "superpowers." Lucid also eventually consumes and turns the alcoholic into a monster/aberration. The latter point is a big reason for the popularity of prohibition.

@dmtales To be more precise (and to stay on topic): I really like to play in existing worlds like Glorantha or Leiber's Nehwon, on the other hand it is SO much fun and rewarding to make up your own setting OR to do it Dungeon World-Style and co-create the world with your players.

@dmtales plus: Most DCC modules really don‘t need a detailed setting - just enough to let the dungeon make (they are not all dungeons, to be fair) - it is also great fun to just kick the party into some dark cavern and… see what happens 😏

@Moonmoth so now I know who just drops them at the dungeon?

I got DCC for Christmas after hearing so many great things about it. I do like the concept of the funnel, and LOVE the dice chain, but the game just feels “too much.” For me. It’s a lot of tables to cast a spell.

Oddly, though, I REALLY like MCC-probably because I have less expectations with it even though I’m an old school Gamma World guy.

@dmtales I am one of the people translating DCC into German and I have also run dozens of DCC games - so I might be bit biased. But I can say that I had the same first impressions and I found DCC to be one of the most fun systems to run in a decades long RPG career. Just print out the spelltables and have them at the table. DCC just works close to every time and the rules are well thought out.

@Moonmoth that’s probably my issue. I HATE paper. I spaz out when trying to shuffle fast and just end up tossing things everywhere.

@dmtales it IS a big book! 😁well, you can play DCC/MCC completely paperless with a free web app - but yeah, Goodman Games products usually consist of LOTS of dead trees.

@Moonmoth it wasn’t helped that I put the soft cover in my wish list. I read the PDF.
I corrected the that mistake when I got MCC.

@Moonmoth I should also say that I’m psyched that you’re doing this translation. How is it going?

@dmtales the rules have been out for 2+ years and the „Peril of the Purple Planet“ Box and some modules followed - I think it is received well. Thanks!

@dmtales everything is a homebrew sooner or later! But I prefer to start out with something published, just to have some frames.

@panoptikontraband I mean, we probably all end up on Battleworld at SOME point…

@dmtales "look folks I know we're playing one ring but I found this really coo spelljammer supplement so, like, there is a portal opening before you"

@dmtales It's funny... I PREFER a homebrew setting, but usually use a published setting because it's easier to get all my players on the same page.

@dmtales I love world building and game design, so creating my own adventures and settings always feels more enjoyable to me. However, I also enjoy published settings like #MiddleEarth in #TheOneRing or #StarTrekAdventures, so it ultimately depends on the setting itself.

@dmtales most of the time I just edit the existing worlds a little to my personal preferences, but homebrewing a whole world is a lot of fun too! Mostly depends how invested I am in the system and genre hah.

@pronounenjoyer very much so. I world build in my brain all the time so for me it's relaxing. But I'm wired in an odd way.

@dmtales yeah, it is very relaxing. Just working out details in all these different worlds is great! I just found it tough to convey a world and it's lore to anyone without me just droning on and on about it like I'm on the Discovery Channel lmao.

@pronounenjoyer heh, the temptation is REAL!

At both my tables I side-stepped it. My 5e world was created for a different campaign, but then I wanted to run a one shot for my wife and neighbors based on Hallmark tropes, which my ongoing party also played, and they never stopped. So the Lore only matters as they uncover bits.

In BFRPG, I started with a test crawl, and the party kept making connections I had to weave together to create a world.

@dmtales I love adventure paths, since the preparation is minimal and I can always add stuff or change things. Also, they are way more balanced than anything I could come up with.

@dmtales currently Pathfinder 2e, Age of Ashes. We are at book 3, so there is still a lot to do.

@Jagermo I’ve never played Pathfinder at all. I missed 3-4e so I missed its origin story.

@dmtales You don't need it, I started with the second edition. But, hey, no problem. If you want to dip in your toe, check out the Abomination Vaults adventure path, coming to #5e in November. I hear good things about this one.

@Jagermo I just meant I wasn’t playing any games when it hit the market. :-)

@dmtales Last game I ran I had my players play the board game Small World and I took notes and riffed on the history as we were making it. That game set up the territory and who ruled it. It also gave me a couple adversary groups and gave inspiration to the players for what kinds of characters they made.

It worked really well. The two groups of baddies ended up Pillaging Nomadic Elves ruled by a brutal warrior queen and a Cursed Forest full of skeletons.

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