One of the things I’ve found enjoyable between sessions is role playing via messaging in-between sessions. I’ve done this for visions with specific characters, and with an entire party on one group’s discord chat so we could get some of the side stuff done over the course of the week. Folks have enjoyed it.

Anyone else done this?

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@dmtales I do this mostly when someone is gonna miss a session or just for a little side thing. In my CoC mystery game I had a text Convo with each person between sessions where the cops came and visited them and took their statement on a murder that happened, so nobody knew exactly what everyone else had told the cops. That was a lot of fun.

@dmtales in a game that I’m a pc, a few of us got together oos to write a rude and threatening letter to a local wizard we were trying to antagonise. We sent it to the dm via messenger and had a chuckle.

@dmtales I do this too sometimes. It’s a great way to stay immersed or bridge a missed gaming session. Games that encourage downtime, like the Fellowship Phase in #TheOneRing are perfect for this kind of asynchronous play style.

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