I am so happy. My first D&D experience was Moldvay's Basic set, and my first crawl was the Haunted Keep mini dungeon. It is ingrained in my brain even after decades. So when I picked up the Basic PDF it was so nice to see again. And tonight, as most of the regular players were otherwise occupied, I decided to take a smaller group on a side quest, and made The Haunted Keep in Dungeondraft. We ran it tonight and it was such a memory rush for me.

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@dmtales Moldvay Basic is really underrated compared to B/X - good on you for playing it! Honestly we should read it again.

@theoriginalcockatricebyseance thanks. I’m not sure I understand the comparison,. Moldvay Basic is the “B” in B/X. Did you maybe mean Holmes?

@theoriginalcockatricebyseance I should also clarify. I was playing this with Basic Fantasy RPG. At some point I’ll run OSE which IS B/X.

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