Three thoughts on DM preparation.

1. Know the “rules” of your world, so when the players go chaotic you have a feel for how people will react.

2. Prep encounters of different types (combat/role play/ambiance) so you aren’t overwhelmed at the table.


Do you have any to add? Do you make a ton of NPCs in advance?

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@dmtales Have a list of names for random NPCs you will need to make up. I’m really bad at thinking up names on the spot.

@dmtales if using a recurring villian, have an outline of their motives, plan and resources so that you can roleplay out how they'll react to the characters' interference.

@dmtales Prep only 2-3 encounters in advance. Let the players decide have an impact on how the story evolves.

@dmtales prep encounters that you can reskin in order to adapt to the players choices ?

@dmtales I always make 25-50 NPCs in advance, just so that I have enough entities for the players to interact with at any given moment.

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