Added the the material from the sentient weapons supplement for into my setup.

My son created a character who got a magical short sword sent to him by his adventuring father, but he only wants to use his 2-handed sword. So I thought it would be fun if the sword was annoyed by this.

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@dmtales I love the idea of sentient or semi-sentient magic items. 13th Age had a nice mechanic of magic item quirks that start asserting themselves if you overload yourself with items (1 per level IIRC). A Mighty weapon might start to make you accidentally break things. A Cloak of Invisibility might make folks ignore your input in conversations.

Plus each type of items wants to be your favorite, so you can't attune to two wands. And staffs tend to act superior around wands.

@jeff_schmidt yup. This one is pretty smart, and was forged by elves during the Chaos war. So it’ll want to attack any creature it perceives to be a “chaotic” on sight. And it was forged by elves so it grants infravision when held, great for the human fighter. But WOW is it annoyed that it isn’t getting used.

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