I made a rest stop with an inn, a bakery, and a blacksmith in Dungeon alchemist. Pretty cool.

Was finally able to pick up Dungeon Alchemist.

For fast indoor maps, it’s pretty cool-though I think I may stick with Dungeondraft for the most part.

For outdoor maps, though. This is COOL.

Planned a wonky battle and didn’t want to railroad the players to it, there were so many possibilities I had to map out potential events so I could roll with party actions. It ended up looking like this.

Here’s the painting my friend did of the Broken Tree, at least… and early version of it.

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So from one of the interactions I had at my table last night, I needed to create a holy symbol that was used by the characters in my mini-campaign. It turns out it’s a abstract image of an actual landmark, which they did not know was real - the broken tree.

The order it comes from just through it symbolized their desire to restore the world. Here is is.

A friend of mine drew the actual tree for me, I need to find that image somewhere.

I am so happy. My first D&D experience was Moldvay's Basic set, and my first crawl was the Haunted Keep mini dungeon. It is ingrained in my brain even after decades. So when I picked up the Basic PDF it was so nice to see again. And tonight, as most of the regular players were otherwise occupied, I decided to take a smaller group on a side quest, and made The Haunted Keep in Dungeondraft. We ran it tonight and it was such a memory rush for me.

I'm going to have to run a side quest with a reduced party tomorrow night. I was wondering what do that would be a nice short trip out in the country. I usually just make up a situation, but then I thought about the intro dungeon I used to run myself through decades ago, and thought, "That would be fun." So I made that old map in Dungeondraft. If you every read Moldvay Basic, it should be familiar...


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