I finally got to review my favorite TTRPG book ever, Art & Arcana!


My latest video takes a look at Goodman Game’s conversion of both B1 & B2, here’s my look at “Into The Borderlands.”


@jeff_schmidt DCC doesn’t work for my brain… which is weird because MCC slots in just fine.

@pookie thanks. I reviewed the main game but I still need to get to this.

@VestigialLung I have….not considered that…and now I will have to consider this.

If you played old school which edition did you start with?

Yes, I know Holmes Basic is a MUCH different animal from the later Basic game, but I only get four slots.

Tonight I’m running my table. Anyone else playing a today?

@juergen_hubert oh, this person doesn’t have a favorite game. They have a favorite enemy because they suffer from a soul-crushing fear of “other.”

@peteramthor yah, I’m more interested in the ways things have been toned down away video game power levels. Tome of beasts has been on my radar for a while, though.

OK, I’m getting ONE book this weekend. Which one should I get?

I made a rest stop with an inn, a bakery, and a blacksmith in Dungeon alchemist. Pretty cool.

Was finally able to pick up Dungeon Alchemist.

For fast indoor maps, it’s pretty cool-though I think I may stick with Dungeondraft for the most part.

For outdoor maps, though. This is COOL.

@jeff_schmidt Coriolis: The Third Horizon. The book is ART, but so busy I can’t fall into it.

@nidorina I love these apps. Between them and On1 Photo Raw I’m out from under Adobe. I am still waiting for Footnotes in Publisher, though!

Planned a wonky battle and didn’t want to railroad the players to it, there were so many possibilities I had to map out potential events so I could roll with party actions. It ended up looking like this.

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