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@gabrion what changes got made in the revised version?

@gabrion I’ll say again, the 2e PHBis such a nice touch!

I live this image!

My first review in a while, Lowlife 2090 by Pickpocket Press. Pretty interesting game, mostly a roll under system. I love how saves have been transformed into a "Luck" attribute, and the number goes down each time you're successful on a Luck check.

@LeviKornelsen this is kinda of what the 616 system tries to pull off.

@jeff_schmidt yup. This one is pretty smart, and was forged by elves during the Chaos war. So it’ll want to attack any creature it perceives to be a “chaotic” on sight. And it was forged by elves so it grants infravision when held, great for the human fighter. But WOW is it annoyed that it isn’t getting used.

Added the the material from the sentient weapons supplement for into my setup.

My son created a character who got a magical short sword sent to him by his adventuring father, but he only wants to use his 2-handed sword. So I thought it would be fun if the sword was annoyed by this.

OK, so in my game one character has taken to welcoming new characters and spending money on equipping them, but never even asks their names. Another will just cut off social interactions with no transition, he just turns and walks away.

@kiwiguy I may start using ithoughts for session notes. I wish Scapple had an iPad version!

@DangerBird the only advice that’s needed is, “Have Fun!”

You can’t screw it up, good folks at the table will help you along, and even if your character dies you get to give them an epic death scene AND roll up a new character.

As long as you have fun, you can’t lose.

And let us know how it went!

If you are looking for a visual non-linear application to plan some session stuff, you may want to check out Scapple…

So I had a session in mind where I wanted a visual map of different triggers, but it was non-linear so a mind map or flow chart wouldn’t work. Then I remembered I had scapple. This software is amazing-

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