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Here's the finale of my Play Cancer Away mini campaign, the Shrine of Haltor awaits!

If you have not read Game Wizards.. I cannot recommend it enough.Here's my review from a few months back.

Three thoughts on DM preparation.

1. Know the “rules” of your world, so when the players go chaotic you have a feel for how people will react.

2. Prep encounters of different types (combat/role play/ambiance) so you aren’t overwhelmed at the table.


Do you have any to add? Do you make a ton of NPCs in advance?

Ok, this was much fun - and Stephen Colbert I drops a nice tidbit about his D&D plans toward the end.

Here’s the painting my friend did of the Broken Tree, at least… and early version of it.

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So from one of the interactions I had at my table last night, I needed to create a holy symbol that was used by the characters in my mini-campaign. It turns out it’s a abstract image of an actual landmark, which they did not know was real - the broken tree.

The order it comes from just through it symbolized their desire to restore the world. Here is is.

A friend of mine drew the actual tree for me, I need to find that image somewhere.

My two worlds have had events which set the stage for the campaign?

My campaign world suffered an ice age which caused the old empire to collapse.

My world is emerging from a time of quiet between chaos and those who see the beauty of chaos constrained by order. Two forgotten goddesses are waking up.

The party ALMOST got green slimed last night in my campaign. They were REALLY cautious, though, so the thief had a hilarious "Nope, not gonna go there" moment after he cracked open the door. He heard some splashes as the door shut.

I am so happy. My first D&D experience was Moldvay's Basic set, and my first crawl was the Haunted Keep mini dungeon. It is ingrained in my brain even after decades. So when I picked up the Basic PDF it was so nice to see again. And tonight, as most of the regular players were otherwise occupied, I decided to take a smaller group on a side quest, and made The Haunted Keep in Dungeondraft. We ran it tonight and it was such a memory rush for me.

I've been telling the story of my mini-campaign on my YouTube channel (I need to video the last segment today, in fact). If anyone is interested, I start with a lore dump, because, well I made it and SOMEONE should hear it, dang it.

Tonight one of my mini-campaign characters will be be a guest in the main campaign. Most of the players are unavailable, so it’s an ideal time to introduce someone.

And it allowed me to write out why the characters from the mini-campaign travelled across the ocean (the rest is up to them).

I'm going to have to run a side quest with a reduced party tomorrow night. I was wondering what do that would be a nice short trip out in the country. I usually just make up a situation, but then I thought about the intro dungeon I used to run myself through decades ago, and thought, "That would be fun." So I made that old map in Dungeondraft. If you every read Moldvay Basic, it should be familiar...

One of the things I’ve found enjoyable between sessions is role playing via messaging in-between sessions. I’ve done this for visions with specific characters, and with an entire party on one group’s discord chat so we could get some of the side stuff done over the course of the week. Folks have enjoyed it.

Anyone else done this?

Last week I was on vacation. The only game I played was the final session for a mini-campaign for a group of folks in the cancer community (current patients, caregivers, and survivors). It was fun because I set it in my ongoing Basic Fantasy RPG world, but on a continent I hadn’t fleshed out. So I added some lore, always fun. It was set three months before the main campaign, and explains a bit why the main party is encountering what they are encountering. Players may even cross over.

OK, GM/DM types, for the tables you run, what type of setting do you prefer?

If you homebrew, feel free to share a bit about your world!

I got Mutant Year Zero for Christmas and did a three part review of it for my first series in the new year. Here's the link to part 1.

Hey all. I jumped back into the in March of 2020 when the world imploded and have NOT looked back. I started collecting books, am running two tables ( and ), and started a YouTube channel.

Other than RPGs I enjoy , , , , , and complaining about Philly sports teams.

In my day job I pastor a tiny church in South Jersey.

I do my best to share helpful content, fair reviews, and generally be a good neighbor.

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