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OK, I’m getting ONE book this weekend. Which one should I get?

I made a rest stop with an inn, a bakery, and a blacksmith in Dungeon alchemist. Pretty cool.

Was finally able to pick up Dungeon Alchemist.

For fast indoor maps, it’s pretty cool-though I think I may stick with Dungeondraft for the most part.

For outdoor maps, though. This is COOL.

Planned a wonky battle and didn’t want to railroad the players to it, there were so many possibilities I had to map out potential events so I could roll with party actions. It ended up looking like this.

My first review in a while, Lowlife 2090 by Pickpocket Press. Pretty interesting game, mostly a roll under system. I love how saves have been transformed into a "Luck" attribute, and the number goes down each time you're successful on a Luck check.

Added the the material from the sentient weapons supplement for into my setup.

My son created a character who got a magical short sword sent to him by his adventuring father, but he only wants to use his 2-handed sword. So I thought it would be fun if the sword was annoyed by this.

OK, so in my game one character has taken to welcoming new characters and spending money on equipping them, but never even asks their names. Another will just cut off social interactions with no transition, he just turns and walks away.

If you are looking for a visual non-linear application to plan some session stuff, you may want to check out Scapple…

So I had a session in mind where I wanted a visual map of different triggers, but it was non-linear so a mind map or flow chart wouldn’t work. Then I remembered I had scapple. This software is amazing-

Put this under “ Comments i wish people would just swallow so they can learn to be better people.”


“That rolling system is terrible, who cares if it’s fast-it’s stupid. You could just skip this stupid system no one plays, because it’s stupid and I don’t know why people are loyal to bad systems.”


“I don’t find that fun, or why people find it fun, and I am angry about this so I will act tough by leaving a snarky comment which shows the word how insecure I am.”

Ok. Issue 2 of is pretty good. Love the mini dungeon, and the phase elf is nice. Not as much stuff as I’d use in this issues as from issue 1, but still worth picking up.

brings back to Trek that's been absent in all the recent shows.


I'm remain skeptical, because I'm tired of prequels-but wow it launched well.

Second issue of Carcass Crawler is out. I’m going to have to pick this up

Here's the finale of my Play Cancer Away mini campaign, the Shrine of Haltor awaits!

If you have not read Game Wizards.. I cannot recommend it enough.Here's my review from a few months back.

Three thoughts on DM preparation.

1. Know the “rules” of your world, so when the players go chaotic you have a feel for how people will react.

2. Prep encounters of different types (combat/role play/ambiance) so you aren’t overwhelmed at the table.


Do you have any to add? Do you make a ton of NPCs in advance?

Ok, this was much fun - and Stephen Colbert I drops a nice tidbit about his D&D plans toward the end.

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