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If I ever get a tattoo, "I live for this shit because I'm a huge nerd" will form the word-wreath border around the central image.

Probably in Tengwar script.

So in support of everyone in the house doing manicures last night, I modeled gender-norm rejection and painted my nails.


How do people who regularly paint their nails STAND it?!? I can FEEL the paint tightening my nails, ALL the time. UGH.

My grandparents were, roughly speaking, the same age as my kids are now, during the Great Depression.

It had *profound*, lifelong impact on their habits, decision making, and whole approach to life.

COVID-19 is a generation-defining event.

Day 11 in . Hike to the local nature preserve was a damn good idea.

We're getting on each other's nerves a bit, but when it's good it's really good. Kids moods swing a lot, but if I'm honest so do ours. It's the nature of this new world, I think.

Me: I've got so much stuff to do I don't have time to be bored.

Also me:

Ten days in . A better day. Cleaned. Threw out & organized. Oldest redecorated her bunk area. Impressed and slightly annoyed it looks cooler than ours.

The kids made music.

Spouse made more space foccacia. Says I can't call it that.

Nine days in . No one's sick. We're working. Teaching the kids. Getting good news from family in other pods.

Having bad dreams. Yelling too much.

More damn snow.

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It’s important to remember why the US has the most Covid19 cases of any country in the world.

We aren’t the biggest country that’s affected, or the first, or the densest, or the one with the poorest health care system.

We are the country with the least competent leader.

Do not go to your friend’s house this weekend. Please. Not even if it’s “just one friend,” not even if “we’ll be careful and wash our hands, promise!”

If you're tired of idiotic American leaders who can't lead, check out Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, Chief of Engineers and commanding general of the Army Corps of Engineers, explaining how the US can expand hospital capacity, quickly.

How to safely bring groceries and takeout food into your home.

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If you want to read one thing that will give you an explanation of where we are, what it means, and what lies ahead, I cannot imagine anyone doing a clearer, more comprehensive, or more even-handed job than did with this.

There's so many people in my life I couldn't bear to see get sick.

Online tonight with the once-a-week long-distance team. A focused two and a half hours... followed by an additional hour of stories about our isolation, advice, support, and just general holding hands through a long, dark night. Needed.

Checking the local map to plan activities.

I admire/envy my kids' ability to totally use up notebooks.

Being stuck in the Hab isnt great, but the stress of going anywhere - even necessary restock at Ohana station - is worse.

And now, The Company complaining our Isolation is hurting profits? I don't have words. (YET. They're on the way.)

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**Coronavirus pandemic 'accelerating', WHO warns**

"WHO chief says it took 11 days for the second 100,000 cases to be reported and four days for the third 100,000 cases."

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I'm at that wonderful age where sleeping wrong hurts as much as falling off 30 meter scaffold.

So now it's time to play the fun game of "Do I ache from a shitty night's sleep, or do I have radiation sickness?"

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