this toot brought to you by me, a chaotic bard, convincing him, a devout follower of hlal still struggling with the concept of humor, that it would be hilarious to play a prank on a meditating party member

he whips out a confetti gun and fires it off in the middle of the muddled "what's everybody doing right now" conversations

it looked extremely planned but i swear i had no idea what he had up his sleeve, i just knew i had to give him an opening somewhere

dragged an old friend along as a drop-by character to a newer campaign tonight and damn, i love playing with new groups but there's something to be said for just knowing how someone roleplays

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‪Anybody know of games that use relationships as a means of gaining xp? I'm looking for different models for ideas. Thnxu! 💓🌈💓‬

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Also last night I was thinking about how rad it would be to have a Sense8 RPG. Everyone builds characters like normal, but you can sub in to make checks for other people.

The cop needs to hack a computer? Computer nerd jumps into their brain and makes the roll. The party face gets into a fist fight, well now it's the kung fu master.

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What are some of your favorite "hidden" rules in RPGs? Ones that often get missed but contribute greatly to the experience, or that are in "soft" sections so they get skipped.

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Great article on the topic of representation in videogames and why it matters. I think it's important to consider, even in the tabletop space. Lots to think on here.

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long, mastometa joke Show more

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My partner just got a pair of Japanese "What's for dinner?" dice so I am designing a new game.

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The I ran was a game of D&D 3.5 for some teen friends (I was older).

I carefully crafted a tavern with half a dozen named NPCs, each of which tied into a quest.

The players entered, and one of them walked right up to a patron at the bar and cast Burning Hands. They proceeded to kill everyone in the tavern and light it on fire.

after that things ran fairly smoothly, but that game (and that first session especially) was the baseline for a lot of how I approach D&D

i learned that the DM is fallible, the DM's world is still law, the DM is not confined to one rulebook as long as the players know what rules are in play, and sometimes you have to get really creative even if it's just a weasel

he didn't want to toss out my friend's contribution completely so he pulled a few things from 4e and blended them into his old 2e campaigns. he hadn't played in probably 20 years so our first encounter was meant to be a warm-up for everyone

it was a weasel

he misread the weasel's HP

that one weasel took most of the first session to kill

i had no idea my dad had ever played before but he came up with a big blue bag stuffed absolutely full with rulebooks, magazines, maps, character descriptions, even a printout of a program he wrote to randomly generate character stats. i never knew my dad was that kind of nerd! he worked at the newspaper and loved words, and he had introduced me to star wars and monty python and h2g2 but he had never in his life mentioned D&D. so i asked if he would DM us and he said sure

i mentioned my in my intro but it's got a lot of fun stories

as i said before it was a weird 2/4 D&D mix. a friend of mine got the 4e starter set but didn't want to DM, and none of us had ever played before. i mentioned this to my dad, in passing, who said "wait here" and ran down to the basement

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Good morning games people! Discussion topic: how do you start off your second session? How does your table do recaps?

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For those curious about running an RPG on Mastodon: I've done it, and it works well for play-by-post.

Our best solution was to start a post with a game-specific hashtag and mention all players, and put the game text itself in a spoiler tag. Players reply to that post. That keeps it relatively quiet for those not interested in following the game.

other possibly relevant info, my avatar is a friend's rendition of the obligatory angry paladin - played her in a 3.5 D&D game with my college housemates

personal favorite is pathfinder, game i would most like to play a campaign of that's never come together for me is shadowrun

and my bio is accurate, my cat does in fact steal and hide my dice. i haven't had a complete matching set in years

hey dice campers, i'm ebeth! my main account is over at, i'm just here to hang out in the local timeline&talk tabletop

so quick intro, my tabletop gaming these days is mostly weird one-shots (+a 5e coworker game run by @xJxVx). i'm also in the local blood bowl league if minis count!

been playing pen&paper on&off since HS, started with a 2e D&D game run by my dad with whatever he felt like adding from 4. hooked after that, played through college but fell off after graduation

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