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Behind the Masc is over 60% funded, and we have a dozen days left to meet our $2000 goal. Today we brought on Tracy Barnett! We'd love your support, and continued and new enthusiasm! Please share the Kickstarter and feel free to comment asking questions!

Sent off my pitch for @briecs project. Excited to start work!!

We played celebrity D&D. We had John Hurt (fighter), Pious Morgan (neutral evil cleric), and Oprah Windfury (sorcerer). I played D'wain "The Earth Elementalist" Johnson (goliath monk).

We fought Actual Cannibal Shia LaBouef, and I beat him because I can do jujitsu.

It ruled.

does anyone have any experience organising large-scale festival LARP events? I'd like to pick some brains!

Unable to actually read Cortex Prime yet, I'm having fun imagining my own version of it.

Tried to coin a term for a project funded on Kickstarter that hasn't been delivered, and the best I got was a portmanteau of Kickstarter and limbo: kickstambo.

everyone please start using it.

Gotten excited and started a pbta game about sorcerers keeping secrets.

What PbtA game might work if a character is rich? The ones I know best (BitD, MH) feel like they wouldn't. AW proper, maaaaaybe? but it's barter, so idk

What 6th character shall I create for my too-full Lady Blackbird game?

Spent today thinking about a persistent play-as-yourself LARP over the course of a month or two. I guess because I hate my friends

What are your best introspective RPGs?

Ok, I have a 0.1st of my one-page tarot RPG In Memoriam, and I'd really like some feedback. Can I email any of y'all?

I'm just staring at the Lady Blackbird document trying to unpick how I know what I know about the world, and how someone could possibly do that again.

I'm trying to write something like Lady Blackbird, where the setting is suggested through the most minimal means, and my god is it difficult. John Harper is a wizard,

I printed the full Solken Season One. it's 118 pages, about 40,000 words. So much paper.

Tomorrow, we start the re-run of the first season of Solken, our work D&D adventure. Sixteen new recruits, and now the material is tried and tested. I can't wait!

Elizabeth Sandifer is revisiting her astounding critical history of Doctor Who following the end of the Capaldi era. if you like the show and have never read TARDIS Eruditorum, change that now.

hey folks. having a good weekend?

which game advises the GM to, whenever the players aren't sure where to go, have bad guys break down the door and say "You'll never stop us at [hideout location]!"?

I know I read this somewhere, but can't remember where.

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