You want to get rid of murderhobos?

Give your PCs enduring connections to the community -- family, friends, professional acquaintances, organizations, and so on -- and then don't destroy them for cheap drama.



@benlehman What's the line between destroying them for cheap drama and destroying them effectively? (this is non-rhetorical, as I'm planning something similar)

@echo My (free, worth what you pay for it) advice: Don't do it. Characters are always more interesting with relationships than isolated from them. Relationships are humanizing; humans are interesting.

@echo @benlehman Getting the players to declare something they are connected with and then killing it for drama is too obvious. Threaten it, though. Make them fight to keep it. Keeping _Serenity_ in the air is the whole point. Disintegrating it would be easy angst and a dead story.

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