(don't worry, this isn't how things normally work around here)

aww yeah ssh'd into a remote box, sudo'ed, editing production files in /var/www with vim

I feel like a real web developer!

Blog post with my Toki Pona banana boat song, literal translation, and notes


Come on my Toki Pona peeps give me some acknowledgement for my song translation, just a fave would be fine, I worked hard to amuse you

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A fair amount of shit went pear-shaped for me, between then and now, some of it because of me, some of it completely external. Been a weird couple months. Knock on wood, the worst is past. Knock on lots and lots of wood.

Touch of hypomania there, safe to say.

"Huh. 5 weeks ago, I apparently installed a web server that was new to me (nginx), on a home linux box, bought a domain, set up the domain to point to the server, set up HTTPS, tried setting up a web app to proxy through it and abandoned it, and left it all serving up a hello world page... and I forgot any of this ever happened until just now when I noticed the files were there and checked the domain and realized it resolved to my home IP"

Is there a mastadon server just for old people (40+)? Asking for a friend

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Is it bad that I went and grabbed my name on mastodon.social just because it opened up registrations again? I probably won't use it, but I got all FOMO'ed....

Morning Work Jam - "The Ignorant Version" by Adrian Sherwood, from the album _Never Trust a Hippy_.


Afternoon work jam: Eternan Lumon by Jonny M and Tone:


Even if you're one of the unlucky few who don't speak fluent Esperanto, listen and enjoy the joyous energy. Also watch Tone dance, he's so happy!

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Everyone is super excited about Google's GDC announcement about Stadia, their game streaming service. Mostly because it will push people to build for Stadia, which is a Linux/Vulkan based system. (I think xCloud is better positioned, but that's a different conversation)

and I'm just over here looking at Embrace, Extend, Extinguish like:

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