So Alexis Kennedy wrote a big denial of everything that's been said about him, and his fiancee wrote a supporting essay, Very Concerned about Callout Culture (TM). The fallen london subreddit seems to have stroked its collective beard and agreed that whatever bad stuff Alexis might have done, the Real Villain was Callout Culture (TM) all along.

Fucking Reddit. I hate it when my lovable niche subreddits show their reddit ass.

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About half of the land in England is owned by about 0.06% of the population.

'This period was, in effect, the birth of private property as we know it in England – and the consequences have been dramatic. Today, Fairlie explains, “nearly half the country is owned by 40,000 land millionaires, or 0.06% of the population”.'

Folk music from an alternate world where IT workers have class consciousness

TFW you can't listen to "7 Chinese Brothers" without hearing the lyrics of "Voice of Harold"

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Jesus Christ, Richard Stallman is the worst.

(cw: pedo apology)

Disappointingly, I saw this linked on where people largely defended him and pooh-poohed this post.

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"Probably the toughest time in anyone's life is when you have to murder a loved one because they're the Devil.

Other than that, though, it's been a good day."

--Emo Philips

Hey @unklebonehead I'd been doing some of my own hosting for a while -- have a nextcloud instance -- but based on your recommendations I now have an actual yunohost instance and I do like it. Had some glitches installing it the first time and gave up, but I tried again later and all was well. I had hoped to use it to run a mastodon instance but it won't do that without a dedicated subdomain, and I had some problems even trying to run it on a subdomain. So still no mastodon. Rest is cool.

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If someone had the fortune to be able to save 100% of a six-figure salary (say, $100,000/year in this case), it would take 10 years to save up 1 million. It would take 10,000 years to save up 1 billion.

Billionaires should not exist. Not in a perfect world, and certainly not in our imperfect one.

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ran across a picture of @tomte and his friends being total creepers

I love how completely innocent this cover is of any concept of graphic design whatsoever. Bring that back, OSR, I dare you!

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Thinking long term here. If the doc has bad news for me about my vision what are some suggestions for a career change that would be possible for a future visually impaired 50 yr old with no other verifiable experience other than truck driving go into?

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