tenpo pimeja pini la, mi musi mute e musi lipu wan "Spider Solitaire." mi lape lili. :(

lastanokte, mi ludis je la kartludo "Spider Solitaire" tro multe. mi ne dormis sufiche. :(

mi telo e mi. mi weka e telo tan sijelo mi. mi seli e moku. mi moku e moku. mi pali ala. mi pilin pona. tenpo suno pi pali ala li pona.

mi dushis min, mi sekigis min, mi kuiris tagmanghon; mi manghis; mi ne laboras; mi fartas bone. Senlabora dimancho estas bona.

The man next door came round one night
To ask me for a drink
I said I didn't anymore
He said, "that's what you think."

-- robyn hitchcock

mi la, toki pona li lupa nasa tawa toki Epelanto.

Por mi, Tokipono estis "porda drogo" (por tiel diri) al Esperanto.

For me, Toki Pona was a gateway drug to Esperanto.

Why would you capitalize all the letters of "iPad" as if it's some kind of acronym.

Why would you.

Why would you.

Come on.

tenpo suno ni, la kon li lete mute.
mi pilin lete. ike a!
mi awen lon tomo seli.

Weird to find so many enthusiasts on Mastodon! Weird and nice! I hadn't paid attention to tp for a while, since I'd gotten into . But I'd started looking back at it because I was starting to mess with Anki and a micro-vocab-language was clearly an easy target for memorization software.

@edheil oh dear, I wonder if the m and n are "female presenting" enough to get me banned from Tumblr

Something I doodled today. I'm not 100% sold on the "l" being a figure 8. But I'm pretty happy with the rest.
At first I thought the vowels were too formulaic (they refer to spots on a vowel chart) but when I tried to come up with other options I didn't find any better ones.

This is my first conscript if you don't count creating variations of Elianscript.

@edheil for example mentioning the mistaken "li" I put in a recent post twice

The hard part for any toki pona enthusiast is managing to talk *in* toki pona more than you talk *about* toki pona.

mi li tawa tomo esun moku.
mi wile kama jo e moku.
mi li tawa tomo esun pi ilo pi pilin pona.
mi wile kama jo e sike lili pi pilin pona

lipu Tunpala li weka e sitelen unpa a!

jan Tunpala mute li tawa lipu Masato.

mi wile e pona tawa jan ale ni.

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FOSS is free as in toilet

Excellent statement, absolutely true

pu la, Sonja gives the rules for Tokiponizing foreign words, and then breaks them when she suggests "Epawam Linkan" for Abraham Lincoln. (It would have to be "Epawan" or "Epawama" or something, final "m"s are impermissible. Doh!

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