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PSA: Discord's new TOS basically screws over artists

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This is big.

That pesky 9th District Court just ruled in Robles v Domino’s that the ADA applies to web sites.

Courts can now order companies to make their sites WCAG 2.0 compliant.


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Cool thing: Douglas "Javascript: The Good Parts" Crockford digs the visual conlang Blissymbolics. blissym.com/lesson1.pdf

the fuck, amazon, stop recommending Jordan Peterson to me, what the hell kind of shitty thing did I look at or buy that made you think I would want that

Is this what the kids today are calling "solarpunk"? I'm old and out of the loop on this.

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The key to getting in shape faster is joining a gym you can't exit.
#NewYear #Resolutions

This is for you, y'all cyberpunk 80s nostalgia motherfuckers. The real deal.


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On the one hand, I just noticed somebody on Reddit who seems interested in some of the same weird things I'm in, and I think they live at least somewhat near me. On the other hand, they seem vaguely terrible. So I'm going to give this one a pass. (There's a small chance it's somebody I already know, in which case I'd just as soon not know about their vaguely terrible side.)

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I keep coming back to this album again and again for work music. It's backgroundy but still interesting, and there's an undercurrent of positivity that helps me through rough days.


Dreamed I was flirting (or something like that) with my podcast crush Karen Kilgariff (of "My Favorite Murder") last night.

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