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Ed H @edheil

FWIW I know tons of people on Google+ who really value their relationships there and the platform. This is gonna be a blow to a lot of people. (These people are 100% tabletop game designers and enthusiasts. I don't know of any other community that gives two shits about Google+.) (My homies on dice.camp know this, most of them are also on Google+)

A fair number of Linux kernel developers are on G+ but not other social networks.

@edheil went through this with Reader closure; was always just waiting to go through it again

@edheil there were quite a few Android and general tech enthusiasts on it back in the day. G+ was actually a great network for cultivating a community. It's too bad Google managed it so poorly.

@edheil Yeah G+ filled a pretty solid niche with TTRPGers. I'm going to miss it.
It seems the folks who are moving to MeWe or whatever missed the lesson about using a service where someone else controls the platform.