Is there a mastadon server just for old people (40+)? Asking for a friend

@edheil might be of interest. No exclusivity but the community was seeded about 20 years ago.

@rook so what is ? It looks familiar. There used to be an alternative to shashdot, I forget the name, I think the name was Japanese? It went down a long time ago. Looks kinda like that.

@rook Ha! it was Kuro5hin! from hulver's FAQ: "Hulver is really called Matthew Collins. He's a Delphi developer who lives in Sheffield. He used to hang around on Kuro5hin a lot, but he's normally too busy on here now."

@rook That seemed like a nice place. I was never a member, but it seemed full of humane people.

@edheil K5 was great in the heyday, but it got hugely massive and lost its charm for a lot of us.

I still miss the "big site" dynamic sometimes, but in the end the signal-to-noise of a smaller site is what I needed.

@edheil there were a _lot_ of really great people on K5 back when I used it, and a lot showed up on hulver's site as well.

@edheil 40+ = old? I'm practically a pensioner then! I demand a bus pass.

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