A short thing about the history of the web & the idea of an “RSS Renaissance.”

@jmignault sadly I've already kind of stopped posting on that blogging thing because I got distracted by the rest of the world.

@edheil you and a billion others, Ed. I am SO late to this party it probably already closed down.

@jmignault Oh, I wasn't talking about Mastodon! I actually check this pretty regularly. I meant the blog on I did the thing where I came up with an overly clever workflow of posting/generating/deploying it thru git and middleman etc, then after an initial burst of usage never looked at it again cause it was too much hassle.

@edheil ah. I stand corrected. How is it here? Do you like it? Have you connected this to (lowers voice) Da Boid?

@jmignault I'm not sure how to connect it, other than posting there occasionally about being here. I guess I could with workflows and such? I like it here but the people I'm connected to are kind of a random assortment of people who happen to be here. A number are tabletop RPG enthusiasts, since that's the theme of the instance I'm on, but the wider mastosphere seems to skew very techie, kind of like early Twitter. In fact, it's all a *lot* like early Twitter.

@edheil yeah. It seems much less sivilized than Birdland. Kinda nice but tough to get your bearings.

@jmignault You can just look at the local and/or federated timelines and follow random people who sound interesting. But yeah, discoverability is an issue. It's supposed to be "federated like email" right, but email connections are always made out-of-band. You can't use email to find people to email.

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