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Without cryptocurrencies, there would be no way to support Wikleaks, except perhaps suitcases full of rubles tossed over the outer wall of the Ecuadoran embassy

@hund I’m having a difficult time believing Apple gives apps free rein to process all audio that is recorded and discarded while waiting for a “hey Siri”. It just makes no sense

Geoguessr with a full room of friends and a big-screen monitor is pretty great. Though it can get a little crazy if you play by the "use any resources necessary, and do your best to get a perfect 5000 score" rules which we play by

@nealstidham Yeah, Game Chef was definitely that kind of thing.

@nealstidham You ask if one can find an RPG, which contains not that glyph which occurs twixt fourth and sixth in our canonical list of sound-symbols?

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I was frightfully proud of my hard work on The Mountain Witch back in 2010. I put a lot into that book design, and the game had a huge influence, from White Wolf’s trust mechanics to like half of indie RPGs until 2013.

Now it’s coming back into print!


@lukehawksbee I've been training my friends not to expect timely responses if they message me there.

Having Facebook anxiety. It’s such an evil institution but the connection and support of my friends there has been so important to me.

I was shocked to realize yesterday that the number of Esperanto-speaking rappers I could name off the top of my head was four. That seems like a lot.

(Since you ask: Tone, Eterne Rima, Dolchamar, Pafklik. Though I guess Pafklik is technically two rappers.)

Mi ŝokiĝis hieraŭ, ĉar mi eksciis, ke la nombro da Esperantistaj repistoj, kiujn mi konas, estas kvar. Tio ŝajnas iomete granda.

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Remember when windows had obvious title bars to drag? That was great.

@ajroach42 Used emacs for years. To me the killer app isn't org-mode, or elisp scripting, but magit. Best damn git frontend I've ever worked with. In my current job I'm not using emacs (for the first time in many years) and magit is the thing I miss the most.

@lumpley File under: ways in which Sorcerer is more Vancian than any version of D&D

@lumpley usually there’s not even sandestins, I mean come on

@kensanata I want to try Risus so bad, I love D6’s, I love T&T, I love simple systems. I never get around to getting people to try it though. Also the wide open generic system thing makes it hard to come up with a specific thing I want to do with it.

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