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@CarlCravens it's been there throughout modern English, probably before. Check this out: we've got Scotsmen "casting cantrips" in 1597: dsl.ac.uk/entry/dost/cantrip

@JoshuaACNewman remember when we could rage against the problems of education, because we took for granted that it would actually continue to exist? I miss those days.

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Fun fact: ads are one of the prominent malware vectors right now. You're better off without an antivirus than without an adblocker, basically (and stay away from crap like McAfee and Norton: both were used as VECTORS in the past. Better the built-in MS one).

@pdxmph well, I just duplicated the random pile of crappy hand-edited html files on my site, but now they’re generated by middleman and deployed by a post-install hook. Excelsior!!

@pdxmph I was going to respond to that markdown-inside-haml by saying “why do you hate HTML so much” but then there was the html. :) I have to admit it all looks really nice and clean.

@pdxmph my god, there’s HTML inside that Markdown which is inside that haml




i think maybe middleman is my jam

@pdxmph hey, playing with haml, which I've never really used. The docs aren't telling me how to (e.g.) use <em>phasis</em> without breaking out the emphasized word into its own line. Is that not supposed to be possible?

@pdxmph not grokking it fully yet but from reading the docs, the middleman people sure seem to have their shit together.

@pdxmph yikes, my edheil account at github was linked to my Fus. work email, I could have lost control of that! It's my old original account too. Went & changed the email.

@pdxmph That's cool. You can do that kind of thing (multiple content types) in hugo too, I just found the actual implementation thereof frustrating. BTW, I'm ejheil not edheil @github. I don't remember why I've got two.

@pdxmph From the nature of Middleman it sounds like it actually might be a good way to manage an uber-site with blog component and art component etc, if I did want to go that way...

@pdxmph Have you tried any of the other big static generators, to compare? (Pelican, Jekyll, Hugo, a bunch of javascript shit you couldn’t pay me to care about) (because my current job gives me the luxury of not giving a shit about it) What’s groovy about Middleman?

@pdxmph@mastodon.sociaI have two different things I’d like to create — a blog, to replace facebook posting of random shit, and an art xsite, to replace the one I obliterated because I decided I sucked and so did my art site. I was thinking at first I’d try to do both with one uber-site with Hugo but I just got frustrated with it. I think it would probably be better done in separate pieces.

@pdxmph :) it was an “oh noes proprietary software” situation. There are a lot of Mastodonians who will give you flashbacks to the late 90s, early 2000s. There’s a whole crop of millennial free software zealots who grew up in our wake.

@pdxmph I found that though Hugo is super simple, it just pushes a ton of complexity into the code of a theme. Making your own is hard as balls. So you’re at the mercy of off-the-shelf themes, at which point why aren’t you just using Wordpress, you know?

The little I know about Middleman it sounds similar (super unopinionated)

@pdxmph It’s not even the plumbing... I actually have edheil.com run out of a git repo. When I push to dreamhost, a post-receive hook (my very first post-receive hook!) rsyncs the contents of a site/ subdirectory to the webroot. It’s slick. I imagine I could do the same with hugo or whatnot. But, like, hugo is super unopinionated about the structure of your site, so I get choice paralysis trying to set it up. Also....