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Mark Zuckerberg leveraged Facebook user data to fight rivals and help friends, leaked documents show. Facebook’s leaders seriously discussed selling access to user data — and privacy was an afterthought.


@remotenemesis it's mostly just a big ad for Founders, but it sometimes has useful news and it has a beer locator. (At least I assume it's still good, honestly I haven't even checked it out since I left the place that I worked for when I did the app a couple years ago)

@remotenemesis cool, haven't hit that yet :) best regards! (Btw, if you ever use the founders android/iOS app, I coded that)

@remotenemesis which one? I used to work right next to the brewery, go there for lunch all the time

@thegibson @vector @NOCARRIER @arcans it makes a million times more sense. Bummer that they changed it because I thought it made the premise pretty dumb.

@gamethyme That seems like poor planning, two for three. Which one of you DOESN'T get a dozen?

@awinter he has a lot of fans in the "hacker" culture common on Mastodon too. Just blocked one. I don't think I'd block them al but the "BUT JOURNALISTIC FREEDOM" angle hurts my eyes from rolling. He's a "journalist" like the Charlottesville killer is a "motorist."

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@paulczege, I have the “usual” questions about . Can I go on asking here?

All the others: you can find the “first round” on Twitter: twitter.com/DanieleDiRubbo/sta

@remotenemesis glad Ecuador finally got around to taking out the trash

@rain it already has markdown support. Just put markdown documents into it and look at them. :)

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In today's #BlackMirrorReality news...

"Amazon, Apple and Google all employ staff who listen to customer voice recordings...

Some of the reviewers told Bloomberg that they shared amusing voice clips with one another in an internal chat room.

They also described hearing distressing clips such as a potential [trigger warning redaction - article linked below if you'd like to read it]. However, they were told by colleagues that it was not Amazon's job to intervene."


@gcupc I think Beau Brummel may happen to be a venn diagram center of a number of tendencies/trends, and the article criticizes it as if that center were everywhere.

@gcupc I read that and thought "is that *really* that common a format? Or are they just talking about the Beau Brummel post as if there were hundreds of it?"

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