tenpo pimeja pini la, mi musi mute e musi lipu wan "Spider Solitaire." mi lape lili. :(

lastanokte, mi ludis je la kartludo "Spider Solitaire" tro multe. mi ne dormis sufiche. :(

@FASA_Andrew_1879 Traveller, Mighty Protectors (aka Villains and Vigilantes) Encounter Critical, Blades in the Dark, Risus, this year so far.

mi telo e mi. mi weka e telo tan sijelo mi. mi seli e moku. mi moku e moku. mi pali ala. mi pilin pona. tenpo suno pi pali ala li pona.

mi dushis min, mi sekigis min, mi kuiris tagmanghon; mi manghis; mi ne laboras; mi fartas bone. Senlabora dimancho estas bona.

@remotenemesis honestly it says good things for the fediverse that it is a big enough deal for people to need breaks from it :)

@socks @RussSharek @Avalon that is my understanding, yep. That's why I think thee is a "pi" glyph hidden inside the house walls. ;)

@nono I felt like with Megatraveller they decided that the system was too old school and boring and they had to bring it into the 90s. (Well, late 80s). Then they realized people hated it and they wanted to reboot it, and cyberpunk was cool, so they said "an evil virus wiped out the imperium" and you got TNE. Both seemed to be saying, essentially, "how do we make this boring old-fashioned game cool to today's gamers?"

@Avalon @RussSharek Now I'm just thinking of a phrase my friends like to bandy about: "That's a clown question, bro." youtube.com/watch?v=4dF5NcRvVx

@RussSharek @Avalon of course a house can also be a clown house if the house itself possesses clownlike qualities :)

@RussSharek @Avalon let's say that the left and lower sides of the _tomo_ form an implicit "pi" symbol. ;)

@RussSharek @Avalon You're right about the "pi" but who cares, that's awesome. :)

@RussSharek Sweet!

You could raise your game even further by combining symbols thus: big _jan_, and inside the round head, a _nasa_ symbol where the eyes and nose would be, and a great big _pona_ smile underneath!

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@nono you bet -- check this out: wiki.travellerrpg.com/Versions

I only really know the original (pre-Megatraveller) version, plus I have some familiarity with the glorious insanity which is 5th edition.

@remotenemesis it's been like 10 years since any new release of OS X had any features anyone should care about

The man next door came round one night
To ask me for a drink
I said I didn't anymore
He said, "that's what you think."

-- robyn hitchcock

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