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@remotenemesis People with lower than average IQ (or whatever measure you use to define "stupid") have the same right to exist and to be respected as anyone else in the world.

@doctorow that little guy awakens a lot of memories -- as a child of the 70s I was obsessed with Apollo rockets

@Tom A lot happens on Google Plus but the platform encourages cliqueyness; you have to know who to follow to get to the good talk

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@Epidiah what kind of elf on the shelf ass shit is going on here

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I love Mastodon, but I am not sure about dice.camp being my main jam. I like RPGs and all but they're not the main focus of my life the way they are for some people. It seems weird to have my main Masto account be so niche. That said, I don't know what's a good alternative. I don't want to be yet one more user on mastodon.social, giving the lie to the concept of decentralization. And dice.camp *is* full of good people...

Got to play a game of at GenCon. The same guy ran games for two groups and they couldn't have been more different: one crew were devious players in a game of gang warfare, and the other were cat burglars and a con man in a madcap heist movie. The first opened with a murder; no blood was ever drawn in the second.

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RAINING DOWN from the VAULT of HEAVEN come words, staining with ink the upturned faces of all who look up in awe.

They tell all who can read that the time has arrived: The BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE Kickstarter is alive and it roams the world between heaven and the Waters of the Underworld!


I did not realize (or had forgotten) that Vim was originally written for the Amiga and distributed on a Fred Fish disk!!


Back from GenCon! Had fun

Terrifying new video/animation from Kris Straub....

who’s hitting GenCon, tootlings?

Happy Esperanto Day everyone!

Felichan Esperantan tagon al chiuj!

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2020 - We must adopt #serverless to solve all problems with kubernetes

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Whoa, Guido bailed on python. Burned out over the last language fight.

[python-committers] Transfer of power