@Doyce Just using this for now -- github.com/danito/KnownMastodo -- see my comments to @gunnar -- hoping for something cooler with fed.brid.gy/ if I can get it set up

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@gunnar the plugin I'm using, it posts through me. There's a toggle on every post on the edit screen, for whether to send it. I'm looking into a slightly more complex thing called bridgy fed fed.brid.gy/#setup which would give it its own fediverse identity, but I haven't got that set up yet

Spiffy... got my blog hooked up so I can post to Mastodon from it.

@awinter I don't right now, but I can keep posting stuff on Masto! :)

@rafu On the left? Thanks! That troll is near and dear to my heart, because he made me a nice chunk of money. (He was stolen from my web site and used by a company and I found out and had a lawyer friend send a nastygram on my behalf. Not life-changing money but it helped me go to GenCon that year.)

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Doing with whatever art I happened to find easily and like

@gunnar @write_as (deliberately @-ing write_as so as to provoke them to sell you on their platform ;)

@gunnar I feel you, man. I've been wrestling with really similar stuff lately. Maybe it's worth it to keep looking. There's a spiffy thing called writefreely from @write_as which is minimalist and gorgeous. I tried to self-host it and found it difficult, but maybe one of their plans would work for you?

@gunnar But the fact remains, WP is simple, it's popular, it's there, it can do damn near anything if you throw the right plugins/programming at it, and no matter what you want, chances are somebody else has wanted it before and written it.... if you want things to be no-hassle and easy to self-host, it's really hard to beat.

@gunnar for blog-form writing which isn't too painful to self-install, it's hard to beat WordPress. I was going to go WP last week, but Known is so good for the dorky tumblelog-type blogging I do, that I found WP's interface clunky & painful. Also some of the aesthetics of the UI and most popular themes bothered me. Also the way lots of themes/plugins try hard to upsell you.....

@gunnar Agreed with you about ghost and self-hosting. see my post of a few days ago: pinafore.social/statuses/10158 :)

@gunnar what's wrong with the ones you've tried? Personally I found a package I really like, called "known" (withnknown.com). I self-host from a cheap Dreamhost account, using the latest version out of github. The interface & look make me happy. But it's really more tumblr-like than blog-like.

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