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@kensanata like music hipsters missing the days when they worked at a college radio station, were one of the small minority into “alternative music,” and got to meet the band.

A short thing about the history of the web & the idea of an “RSS Renaissance.”

Thanks y’all for posting. Haven’t checked in in a few days and it’s nice to see people.

@swizzard @MightyPork well, there were geocities sites (which their invasive ads) and student pages at (still takes a bit of privilege to have one and they might be ephemeral). But yeah, it’s important to be realistic with our nostalgia.

@CarlCravens it's been there throughout modern English, probably before. Check this out: we've got Scotsmen "casting cantrips" in 1597:

@JoshuaACNewman remember when we could rage against the problems of education, because we took for granted that it would actually continue to exist? I miss those days.

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Fun fact: ads are one of the prominent malware vectors right now. You're better off without an antivirus than without an adblocker, basically (and stay away from crap like McAfee and Norton: both were used as VECTORS in the past. Better the built-in MS one).

@pdxmph well, I just duplicated the random pile of crappy hand-edited html files on my site, but now they’re generated by middleman and deployed by a post-install hook. Excelsior!!

@pdxmph I was going to respond to that markdown-inside-haml by saying “why do you hate HTML so much” but then there was the html. :) I have to admit it all looks really nice and clean.

@pdxmph my god, there’s HTML inside that Markdown which is inside that haml




i think maybe middleman is my jam

@pdxmph hey, playing with haml, which I've never really used. The docs aren't telling me how to (e.g.) use <em>phasis</em> without breaking out the emphasized word into its own line. Is that not supposed to be possible?

@pdxmph not grokking it fully yet but from reading the docs, the middleman people sure seem to have their shit together.

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