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Having Facebook anxiety. It’s such an evil institution but the connection and support of my friends there has been so important to me.

I was shocked to realize yesterday that the number of Esperanto-speaking rappers I could name off the top of my head was four. That seems like a lot.

(Since you ask: Tone, Eterne Rima, Dolchamar, Pafklik. Though I guess Pafklik is technically two rappers.)

Mi ŝokiĝis hieraŭ, ĉar mi eksciis, ke la nombro da Esperantistaj repistoj, kiujn mi konas, estas kvar. Tio ŝajnas iomete granda.

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Remember when windows had obvious title bars to drag? That was great.

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Boost if you know what this means:


A short thing about the history of the web & the idea of an “RSS Renaissance.” edheil.com/blog/2018/05/07/rss

Thanks y’all for posting. Haven’t checked in in a few days and it’s nice to see people.

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Fun fact: ads are one of the prominent malware vectors right now. You're better off without an antivirus than without an adblocker, basically (and stay away from crap like McAfee and Norton: both were used as VECTORS in the past. Better the built-in MS one).

@pdxmph well, I just duplicated the random pile of crappy hand-edited html files on my site, but now they’re generated by middleman and deployed by a post-install hook. Excelsior!!




i think maybe middleman is my jam

@pdxmph hey, playing with haml, which I've never really used. The docs aren't telling me how to (e.g.) use <em>phasis</em> without breaking out the emphasized word into its own line. Is that not supposed to be possible?

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Trust your admins, picture edition.

This is an illustrated toot showing the admin interface that lets us admins see ALL OF YOUR TOOTS

Media filters, DM's, delete ability

All from the comfort of a browser.


#introductions #deletefacebook

The brouhaha seems like a message to developers that Mastodonians are crazy people and if you make something nice for them that will punish you, but maybe that's just cause I haven't been deeply steeped in the open source world for a while.

"Hubble finds first galaxy in the local Universe without dark matter" ...

mind = utterly blown

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