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At the beginning of the 17th century, a book of black magic was published, attributed to the mythical Faust and known by the title Höllenzwang. The library in Weimar owned a manuscript of this text, which Goethe was aware of. This document, which is difficult to date, is written in cabalistic signs and, according to a German gloss, contains a series of magic spells for exorcists, which can be used in particular to call up the seven evil spirits.

Just listened to a podcast from 2014 with Sonja Lang, about Toki Pona. The relationship between her and her creation and its fans has sometimes seemed a bit "it's complicated" to me. It was helpful to hear her talk a bit about the language and its community.

I wish that kickstarters didn't feel the need to send out an all-points email every time they fix a typo in a third-tier add-on and re-upload the files to drivethruRPG.

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RT Artist friends! We're working on a super exciting game project and need your help finding someone with this art style + available to start work right away (remote 100% OK!)
Tag here or email with portfolio
RT pls help spread the word! <3 #indiedev #2dart


(to clarify, it's just been a really bad couple weeks for some reason; I'm hoping I'm coming out the other side of it)

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Yay I'm not consumed with depression and anxiety so far today!

Boss is not into this magic, and thinks I could have used better tools. :\ So it goes.

doing so much magic with csvkit and a sqlite database to fool around with

Bad mood update: did not resist the urge to talk shit about Tokiponists, but I did do it in Esperanto so most of them won't be able to read it.

I'm in the kind of bad mood where I'm prone to get into ill-advised arguments on the internet. Must avoid.

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Apparently Happy Rhodes fans back in Usenet days declared her work to be a genre (Ecto) and looked around for other artists to put in that genre, such as Peter Gabriel and, of course, Kate Bush

The apple watch does ECGs now? Give me an apple hat that does EEGs and I'm in.

Planning to get rich charging Google for linking to my web pages

Looking forward to the apple event today because there's some apple shit I have been putting off buying because of it

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Playing Blades feels like having a night out with your friends, feeling invincibile and doing whatever you like, and then waking up the next morning knowing you've made some terrible mistakes

So stupid tired. I wonder how many of my problems would go away if I started consistently getting adequate sleep.

For once it's not Americans who are threatening to completely fuck up the internet. Europeans, get on this. The EU is about to pass apocalyptically bad internet legislation.

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