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President Trump has exact requirements for what RPG texts he will read and play. This is the Challenge:
Design an RPG to President Trump’s requirements. Post it to social media by March 5th using the hashtag. As the judge I will pick two winners: 1) a game most likely to be tweeted about by Trump; and 2) a best game if you’re someone other than Trump.
You may not impeach the judge if you don’t like his verdict.

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Is there a place to go to see what mastodon servers are available? I was on an esperanto one a while back but it went away. Would like to find another one.

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Welcome to What The Hell Did I Just Find On YouTube, “relevant to ‘s interests” edition:

Just tootin’ to say yo to my tootlefriends

Just crapped out of HD Trivia after 5 right answers

That’s it pretty much

Just cleaned all my mail out of gmail after downloading it. It wasn't my main email address anyway, I just kept it around as a backup. Why give Google all that mail?

Maybe I should just make a Neocities page, with handwritten html, my new home on the web.

TFW flat earthers show up in some random internet community you’re a part of.

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Dice.campers: do you interact mostly with fellow dice.campers, or with mastodon at large? Do you only use your identity, or do you have more than one mastodon account?

From Bifrost, an exceedingly rare RPG from the 70s. The rules require (well, strongly encourage) alcohol at the table, but warn against playing when you’re too drunk to read your dice.

One of the co-workers on my little team of 4 people today mentioned out of nowhere how excited he was to be getting into a new roleplaying game his friend was into. Little joint called “Dogs in the Vineyard.”

I was like “that’s a great game! Also I did some of the illustrations.”

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If you can boost, that'd be great: I'm still looking for work (Can't seem to find anything and it's killing me) I do freelance work and I'm looking for a job that's tech-adjacent at least.

I am compent with SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python(mostly 3, but I can do 2.7) and UI/UX Design. Also good at research, and non-fiction writing

Freelance or Full-time or Part-time work is fine. Need something.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that particular usage of the question mark. It was just anachronistic. At least, I sure don’t remember anybody using it that way more than like 10 years ago max.

I just was looking at a thing set in the 90s, presented as an artifact from those days — an email composed at a terminal — and an anachronism leaped out at me? Because in the 90s people on the internet didn’t put question marks after declarative sentences? To indicate some kind of characteristic Millennial diffidence or something?

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