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"Hubble finds first galaxy in the local Universe without dark matter" ...

mind = utterly blown

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My head is full of REM lately thanks to the “Are You Talking REM RE: Me” podcast.

(From the guys who brought you the “Are You Talking U2 2 Me” podcast)

I got the coolest thing in the mail today that I have ever gotten in my entire life.

I want to put together some kind of photo album of the opening up process, but apple’s photos app is fighting me a bit.

All I will say right now is: you, sir, should unmask.

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I'm lowering the price of originals from $45 to $35, includes shipping, US Only, no frames included, PayPal only

GUYS I NEED TO SELL THESE. I'm without a job and I'm trying to help my friend Nancy with her five month old daughter Luna until she's able to land a job.
This is as low as I can afford to go. If you can't help please spread.

Hi Mastodon buds! Nothing much to say, just wanted to say I’m here reading your stuff

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President Trump has exact requirements for what RPG texts he will read and play. This is the Challenge:
Design an RPG to President Trump’s requirements. Post it to social media by March 5th using the hashtag. As the judge I will pick two winners: 1) a game most likely to be tweeted about by Trump; and 2) a best game if you’re someone other than Trump.
You may not impeach the judge if you don’t like his verdict.

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Is there a place to go to see what mastodon servers are available? I was on an esperanto one a while back but it went away. Would like to find another one.

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Welcome to What The Hell Did I Just Find On YouTube, “relevant to ‘s interests” edition:

Just tootin’ to say yo to my tootlefriends

Just crapped out of HD Trivia after 5 right answers

That’s it pretty much

Just cleaned all my mail out of gmail after downloading it. It wasn't my main email address anyway, I just kept it around as a backup. Why give Google all that mail?

Maybe I should just make a Neocities page, with handwritten html, my new home on the web.

TFW flat earthers show up in some random internet community you’re a part of.

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