so, i'm doing some progress on my last system iteration for my own fantasy rpg, and i have Bicycle to thanks for the prototype material

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Holy shit: Jeremy Strandberg (author of the amazing Dungeon World blog Spouting Lore) archived 31 Google+ communities by converting them to WordPress posts, preserving 37,000 G+ posts in the process.

I stumbled across this today. It feels like finding a literal treasure trove.

Perfect for prototyping and messing around with cards based rpg rule system : Bicycle Standard Size, Blank Face

But, having to translate ideas and rules will be helpful : I'll have to made things synthetics and short and to the point... I hope I'll be able to do that 😄 (3/X)

Also, I'm not a native English speaker, so French will tend to creap through the cracks in my sentences, no big issue, but prototypes *will be* in French in almost every case. (2/X)

So, I'm dabbling in game design, specifically rpg, since my first encounter with the hobby, during the Summer of 1984. And it's only now, 5 years after having published my first finalized game design, that I realized that perhaps I should talk a bit more about my ideas and sharing more of my prototypes without panicking because it's written in telegrafical style :D (1/X)

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