Just wanted to say I've got a nice little ttrpg podcast going on (it's in Hebrew) and I shared hex describe with my fellow hosts of the podcast and they were blown away by it.

This kid is unreal. My 10 y/o read a adventure and decided to play it on his own. He created 4 characters and is now running the adventure while playing all of the characters. I asked him and he told he's playing them as if he doesn't know what's coming next in the adventure. 🤣

Just ran a oneshot of Pasión de las Pasiones. It was absolutely crazy and all we got to do was make the characters and play one scene.

We decided we have to continue next week. 🤣

I just had an amazing session of with my two sons (almost 10 yo and almost 6 yo). It was dead serious and a lot of fun. At my elder son suggestion we played a community in a pocket dimension, with gates opening and closing to other dimensions of danger and opportunity.

Here's our map.

Should I support the Fellowship 2e kickstarter? I haven't played fellowship but it sounds pretty great. On the minus side, I have too many games + I'm kinda poor... 🤔

3 most recent RPGs played:
- Masks: a new generation

3 favorite RPGs, ever:
- Dungeon World
- Stars Without Number

3 most want-to-play RPGs:
- Burning Wheel
- Good Society
- Hillfolk (or another Drama System game)

I mean, this is just silly (in a fun way), but you should definitely check out this blog for killer clockpunk central Asian romantic fantasy!


A fun oneshot using the hack known as oneshot world, with my two sons (5 and 9) and my good friend and neighbor (and co-conspirator) Sigal. She played a rogue and my sons played a paladin and a druid, and they had to escape an evil baron's prison through the monster infested sewers. 😁

A perfect Friday evening!

@kensanata a question: how complicated would it be for a non-programmer (though moderately computer and linux savvy) user like myself to set up a blog like the one you are using (assume paying a bit for hosting isn't a problem)? What do I need to read? Is it a complex net of things I need to master or something more accessible?

I think giving a class xp bonuses for having certain stats cannot be understood as anything but traditionalism. This is such a clunky piece of d&d history... can't see any logic behind modern using it.

Convince me otherwise!

Three of them tried to lift the stone, and noticed that the iron pegs were lifting with the stone. They continued to lift and the a great hammer slammed down from the ceiling and into the door, instantly killing Girl Brian (may Roho avenge her death).

The party was shocked and distressed (though Juice rummaged through what was left of Brian and took some loot, including the cursed magic ring she herself hid from the others), but ventured into the next room on wobbly feet.

Dramatis personae:
The village healer/amateur chaos priestess, Allergy.
The village idiot, Juice.
The farm girl, Brian (the girl), deceased.
The hunter, Brian (the boy).
The Blacksmith, Shraga.
The Shepherd, Stas.

Our first session included the first excursion into the tomb. After some grave robbing and some minor traps (and both Juice and Girl Brian pocketing some treasure when the others weren't looking), they got to a door barred by a great slab of stone on two iron pegs.

So the oneshot became a twoshot as I continued running Tomb of the Serpent Kings for my friends.

Their bunch of villagers were excommunicated and accused of heresy for the simple crime of secretly all worshipping Roho III, a minor chaos god dedicated to offering pacts of revenge to people who feel wronged 😁😈.

Today their healer/amateur chaos priestess first received a chaos spell blessing from Roho, generated using ' random spell generation table.

Ran Tomb of the Serpent Kings tutorial thingy as a oneshot on Monday using a homebrew system I just whipped up in thirty minutes. It was crazy amounts of fun!



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