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I'm kicking off a Year Zeroathon on my Discord, so in Autumn/Fall I plan to run and host at least one game from every Year Zero Engine setting. Message or reply if you are interested in playing or GM, please note most folks are in UK/Europe, though we do have a few in the US e.g. one US GM offered to run on a Saturday

If you are attending @UKGamesExpo and fancy playing some @StellagamaPub Cepheus Deluxe then I have just put a game on for Saturday afternoon:

Maybe see you there?

Out in the MG today at my favourite local walking spot at the Longshaw Estate.

An amble with the Mrs follwed by some coffee and cake. Lovely times.

(there was also great Peaks scenery - which you can now close your eyes and imagine.)

The fated Winter King, a lesson in hubris, but certainly to avoid capricious fey, the Prince of Frost, or even the Raven Queen.

And what does the Winter Witch make of it all? Is she behind the tightening grip of ice that freezes Nentir Vale?


Tonight, in the Shadowfell, wrestling the spirit from a possessed mage to break a curse. Busy Bank Holiday

Today I am swinging between Doom and Momentum as I limber up for some Conan 2d20 on Foundry VTT. Crom!

The Shadow of the Sorcerer

A Conan 2d20 sword and sorcery mini campaign of about 15 sessions (plus some character generation and a short session zero).

The game is to be run online using Foundry VTT, for up to five Hyborian heroes.

Currently pitching for Tuesday nights 19:30 to 22:15 BST.

Beginners welcome as we learn the game together.

Let me know if interested?

As an eladrin, I have Fey Stepped into 4th Edition.

First post. I'm known as First Age on many channels. I'm interested in and create gaming spaces for people to play. I write a bit too.

Recently retired, so have more time than I am used to.

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