I think we've had a total of 3 days of open window weather all year.

Going to lean into these and say they're the results I was looking for.

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### Distribution
0 to 19: █████████████████▌15.46%
20 to 39: ████████████████████████████████████████34.58%
40 to 59: ██████████████████████████████▉26.39%
60 to 79: ████████████████▌14.00%
80 to 99: ██████▎5.73%
100 to 119: ██▎2.31%
120 to 139: █▎0.99%
140 to 159: ▎0.28%
160 to 179: ▎0.12%
180 to 199: ▎0.08%
200 to 219: ▎0.02%
220 to 239: ▎0.02%
240 to 259: ▎0.02%
260 to 279: 0.00%

This is game design at its finest!

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Working on a Halloween quickie. A little ttrpg with some spooky themes that I'm hoping to get out in the next week or so. Something zine size. Feeling crafty, so I might illustrate it myself. But we'll see.

🎶 Wake up it's time for Dice Camp🎶

Working on the theme song.

Woke up today excited about ttrpgs.

Not about specific ones, but about the endeavor as a whole.

I think it's the change in seasons. That often triggers some nostalgia in me and right now it's making me fondly remember going to conventions and finding new treasures there.

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My mind is on fire with what to do next.

Part of that includes improvement to the UI on that site, but more excitingly, improvements to code that will affect absolutely no one except maybe future me, but probably not him either.

Another part of that is just the realization that I can bring a bunch of projects to fruition with this growing skill.

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Remember when I said I was getting into Clojure?

Well, it turns out, I got into ClojureScript, too!

I'm inordinately proud of this web app I made for the Golden Cobra contest: goldencobra.org/GCInteractiveA

It's an archive of 8 years of entries into the contest, over 400 larps!

While I'm still revising the graphic design, but I'm so happy with how it works. Filtering! Searching! Random showcase!

Hey, you should watch Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes!

Especially if you're in that central sliver in the Venn diagram of folks who follow me on here and folks who've enjoyed playing Time & Temp. The 3 of you, specifically, should watch this movie.

My binary clock says it's only a matter of dots before this thing starts up!

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Still on track for 9 PM EDT!

I honestly don't know what we'll be exploring, but that's the thrill of it, isn't it?

Isn't it?

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It is, indeed, next week and The Night Writer is indeed returning tonight! 9 PM! EDT!


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Just walked out into the rain and that was the best decision I've made all morning.

No Night Writer this week, but probably next week!

I think I might even have something to demo then. I mean, not a full-on demo, but something to play around with a little more than just brainstorming.

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It is only a matter of minutes now.

I mean, it was always a matter of minutes, but now it's most convenient to measure the matter in minutes instead of, say, fractions of an hour or thousands of seconds.

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Returning to The Night Writer tonight at 9 PM EDT, on twitch.tv/epidiah
Gonna explore some gimmicky mechanics, because that's kinda on brand for me.

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