I am immensely proud of my little show on twitch centered around one shot RPGs.

The show is over two years old and we've had over 200 episodes and over 50 systems played on it with dozens of new players and enthusiasts. It's kind of amazing.

Its been how I met some of my best friends and best gaming moments.

Now as we head into 2018 and I start our 5th season, a major goal is to push for more facilitators. I want others to get more practice and comfort running games.

Tonight, out past the headland, a ship is struggling. Foundering. Sinking.

And when she washes ashore, you will be waiting...

Shipwreckers is a microRPG about one night in the lives of a crew working the Cornish coast in the late 1700s.

You can read more, and buy the game at: gamesfromthewildwood.itch.io/s

You can watch it in play at: youtube.com/watch?v=KSBpcFb7Fr

The hardest part of my trip to is over: taking my doggo to my friends house. I'm gonna miss my pupper while I'm away. Now all i gotta do is get up for my 8am flight across country. Small potatoes.

My rpg is a samurai version of The King is Dead.

In addition to that, I'm currently GMing a game of mouse guard, two games of torchbearer, one one shot program, playing and producing a game of 3:16, producing 2 shows on misscliks, and planning on running Dungeon Crawl Classics. Whew!


Last: Trollbabe tonight on my twitch/YouTube series Once Upon A Game. What a fun game!

(Recent)Best: Samurai styled The King is Dead. I hope @gamesfromthewildwood can attest to how much fun that game was.

Want: Pendragon. I wanna play it, not GM it. I miss my game with Steven, Kira, Jess, and Luke. Want as a GM is Star Wars FFG. I have a very specific planetary revolution campaign kicking around based on South American independence movements.

Hi everyone! I'm Eric and here's my . It's nice to meet you!

I'm a Twitch streamer on (twitch.tv/ericvulgaris) focusing on indie RPG actual plays and introducing new players to the wide world of indie rpgs. I also do shorter, high production campaigns of various systems.

I do freelance graphic overlay design work for twitch streamers as well as br a show producer for a couple rpg shows with the Misscliks community.

Why have dice.camp? (A) the local timeline and (B) the cool url.


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