hey dice.camp! I'm looking for a microgame I played a while ago, where you make a dungeon from its original structure as caves, and follow its inhabitants and their squabbles up to the dungeon's current state. it's a single-player, system-agnostic game, only a few pages long. I think it was called something like "how to ___ a dungeon". if anyone knows anything please let me know!

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🚫 Messing up a recipe
😍 Glitchin' in the kitchen

ran a session of tomb of annihilation tonight, and it went really well!!! I started dropping in my own original content (originally to make up for the fact that they went to firefinger via canoe at level one, and I didn't want to obliterate 5 new players) and it went off amazingly. One of my NPCs was designed to get on the PCs nerves, and we had some great RP resulting from the tension (and subsequent mediating) between the two groups!

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I made my first game! it's a 1-page RPG about being trees in a tree-grove. Give it a look if you want! (comments are ON) bit.ly/2I6UqX3

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@kiramagrann Hey so in A Cozy Den there's a bit where you describe the genitalia of all lesbisnakes as being able to be impregnated and being unable to impregnate others. The rest of the game text seemed pretty trans friendly, but this section seemed to exclude some trans and intersex people from your definition of lesbian.
It's been under my skin for a while, and while it could be explained away by reptile biology or innate lesbisnake magic pretty easily, it isn't in the text of the game. Why?

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*cher voice*
🎶 I really don’t think I’m stroganoff noo 🎶

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new game! a hack of Caitlynn Belle's "you must break up with your werewolf boyfriend" called "you're getting dumped by your catgirl girlfriend"!


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@featherfawn thanks everyone for the well-wishes! it went great (if a bit long)!

I'm 2 hours from running my first ever game and I'm super anxious but also excited! doesn't help I've had a rough day tho

@featherfawn to clarify, I'm GMing. I've spent the better part of today setting up the 'sector' map

starting a campaign of Other Dust with my wife and their best friend. I'm so stoked!!!!!

Born Middle-Class > Student > Ganymede

Skill Points In: Video Games, Games-wise, Education-wise, Abuse-wise, Healthcare-wise, Seduction, Therapy-wise, Soothing Platitudes, Sorcery

Traits: Paranoid Ear, Something to Fight For, Fibromyalgia, Broken

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also my DM did that thing again where she stopped mid-session and said to me "That was really great, I really enjoyed that, I wish I roleplayed with you more" and my heart exploded

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version 5.0 of Girl by Moonlight is up
It includes a new series playbook, MC playbooks to go with each series, and revisions on every playbook, plus some core rule changes
I think this might officially be "beta"

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I want to share this again because I'm still really happy it exists and it's been selling okay. Let Me Take A Selfie is a collection of games that use selfies as mechanics for play.

There are single player, multiple player, and large scale play games, and they don't typically require a lot of materials beyond a phone. Check it out!

www.drivethrurpg.com/product/229540/Let-Me-Take-a-Selfie dice.camp/media/AjCu1gghP2ovHI

@featherfawn we’re just a bunch of sappy gays and it's really cute

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