I made my first game! it's a 1-page RPG about being trees in a tree-grove. Give it a look if you want! (comments are ON)

@featherfawn woah cool! this is such a neat thing. perhaps dial into what the players actually do in the game? what kind of experiences and play do you want to see at the table?

@featherfawn i like this very much! one q: why d8 instead of d6?

@swizzard I like d8's I just think they're neat! also, I feel like it gives me a little more control going forward to tweak the probabilities. with Knacks, Roles, and Blooms increasing the chance for success, I think I need more granularity in making sure there is still a reasonable chance for failure (and Buds!)

@featherfawn very reasonable! my initial concern was just that d6s are more available than d8s and your resolution mechanic is almost-but-not-quite-PbtA's

but otoh your game also requires e.g. d4s and *isn't* a PbtA game so who cares

@featherfawn nicely written and clear mechanics. I am however, unsure as to what my tree would actually be doing.

@tootjard you're not the first to give me this feedback! I'll have to add some more context tomorrow morning!

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