I brought back an NPC who’s been away for maybe 2 months worth of sessions and my players and their characters cheered. I was… not expecting that response.

Here’s an argument that thinking of RPGs as a “storytelling” medium is unnecessarily limiting, and they should instead be considered as a way to “put yourself in another world.”


Reading through The Watch and feeling a bit nervous about the between-mission bits (I.e. “most of the game”).

For those of you who’ve played, is there worthwhile prep to do for those parts, or do the mission consequences tend to snowball into enough stuff back at camp that I needn’t worry?

The examples in the books have things about the fort being attacked or the squad caught in enemy territory.

Excited that my group has chosen The Watch for our next campaign.

What I love about the minions is how they commit to each other. They fully and unhesitatingly go all-in for each other, no matter how cornball (or risky) the idea. Imagine having a crew of friends who you all believed in each other like that.

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If I can’t prep a game by putting on a custom playlist, lighting candles, and soaking in a bath for an hour then I’m not interested in running it.

My first May 1st as a union member! Here’s to many more.

@Judd I appreciated the post-great-game episode.

For me, being able to talk with a friend about it (sadly my games tend to end too late at night for a walk) is so key. Without that, the transition from “laser focus, maintain attention and energy, totally emotionally invested” to “not” can be a really rough drop.

(Also: spot on about OFMD!)

Because I hate you, I think I will design a ttrpg that you will desperately want to play, but no one else will.

My favorite dice. Aluminum dodecahedrons (aka d12s) that are numbered 1–6 twice.

For when you need to roll 2d6+stat but want to use the most satisfying dice shape.

These are from ZucatiCorp on Etsy but it looks like he’s not selling them anymore.

the Disney vs. public domain distinction of “if Pooh has pants on, that’s Disney. If he’s nude, that’s public domain” should apply to all Disney characters

Before my players ran away from the pirates who were trying to imprison/indoctrinate them they made sure to grab all the queer NPCs they had come across to bring along as a new crew.

The Devoted made a last-session playbook change to the Parriarch to be their captain. The Trickster saved the Beast’s life for once. And the Beast destroyed an entire tavern.

Glorious end to the campaign.

I wrote a longer piece that describes the joy and results of Root’s map-making process. I’m still so excited about how it works and how it sets up a game.


I really appreciated the Pandas Talking Games where they discussed “story-driven” (or “plot-driven”) gaming styles vs. “character-driven.”

It was useful, conceptually, for me to break these apart into two practices (that still blend together at the table!) so I could focus on their different techniques, rather than feeling like “my games need all of this where do I start how do I improve.”


This one was difficult because so many colours, but have the progress pride flag !

#MastoArt #art #digitalart #queer #pride

What do you know, I wrote a blog article! It's been a while. This one is about how to kick-start character drama at the start of a game, because nobody likes fumbling around waiting for character relationships to get interesting.


I regret to inform you all that despite locking down my font for flying ship pieces as "done", I am still enamored with messing with it, so there will probably end up being a second font. Or a set.

Eventually I'll get bored of this, but not today!


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