Before my players ran away from the pirates who were trying to imprison/indoctrinate them they made sure to grab all the queer NPCs they had come across to bring along as a new crew.

The Devoted made a last-session playbook change to the Parriarch to be their captain. The Trickster saved the Beast’s life for once. And the Beast destroyed an entire tavern.

Glorious end to the campaign.

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@fionawhim Ohhh Matriarch 👀! Sounds amazing!! Full bias

@AlexisSara Yay! It’s a really great playbook, thank you for making it!

For their character it was a great shift from the Devoted because they went from “I will jump in the way to suffer any hits coming towards anyone around me” to “I will proactively protect and take responsibility for this group I care about and love.”

(And, bonus, their player and I were both exited to add the gender-neutral “parriarch” to our vocabulary.)

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