@Judd I appreciated the post-great-game episode.

For me, being able to talk with a friend about it (sadly my games tend to end too late at night for a walk) is so key. Without that, the transition from “laser focus, maintain attention and energy, totally emotionally invested” to “not” can be a really rough drop.

(Also: spot on about OFMD!)


Thank you so much for listening!

Back in high school we'd go to the Blue Swan Diner if we wanted to quietly decompress after a game and it was always lovely to eat a hot open turkey sandwhich at 3 in the morning with fellow geeks.

In this Zoom Age it is more difficult to decompress after the game...

@Judd @fionawhim my high school group would do the same over fries and gravy or purine at the local truck stop.

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