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the Disney vs. public domain distinction of “if Pooh has pants on, that’s Disney. If he’s nude, that’s public domain” should apply to all Disney characters

Before my players ran away from the pirates who were trying to imprison/indoctrinate them they made sure to grab all the queer NPCs they had come across to bring along as a new crew.

The Devoted made a last-session playbook change to the Parriarch to be their captain. The Trickster saved the Beast’s life for once. And the Beast destroyed an entire tavern.

Glorious end to the campaign.

I wrote a longer piece that describes the joy and results of Root’s map-making process. I’m still so excited about how it works and how it sets up a game.

I really appreciated the Pandas Talking Games where they discussed “story-driven” (or “plot-driven”) gaming styles vs. “character-driven.”

It was useful, conceptually, for me to break these apart into two practices (that still blend together at the table!) so I could focus on their different techniques, rather than feeling like “my games need all of this where do I start how do I improve.”

This one was difficult because so many colours, but have the progress pride flag !

#MastoArt #art #digitalart #queer #pride

What do you know, I wrote a blog article! It's been a while. This one is about how to kick-start character drama at the start of a game, because nobody likes fumbling around waiting for character relationships to get interesting.

I regret to inform you all that despite locking down my font for flying ship pieces as "done", I am still enamored with messing with it, so there will probably end up being a second font. Or a set.

Eventually I'll get bored of this, but not today!

My Thirsty Sword Lesbians campaign is ending this week. The Devoted is confronting her shitty ex, who — powered up by a lightning strike and revealing her chain sword — is trying to entice the Trickster into a plan to destroy her shitty ex’s shipbuilding yard, in the hopes that it will fulfill a prophecy that is actually meant for the Beast, who really would rather play darts with her girlfriend, who just came out as trans. Oh, and there’s someone they’re supposed to rescue.

I’ve recently started a campaign of Root!

I’m in love with the map and the way that you populate it at the start of the campaign. I’ve never run maps before because I worry about getting constricted by what’s drawn out, but the 12-connected-clearings works at a good level of abstraction for me.

Like a bunch of you (I’m sure) I’m trying out Mastodon for the first time.

The Local feed is really neat! Especially for a smallish, topic-focused place like here.

But I can’t see Local for other servers, unless I create accounts there… but that’s defeating the purpose of federation.

Any tips or advice? Maybe I should have an account for each interest/identity and find the right instance for each?

Just a feeling: A lot of people lose interest in Mastodon because they were expecting a 1:1 Twitter replacement, when in reality it's more like a bunch of people from disparate special interest message boards meeting in the middle at Tumblr with a better reply interface.

Hi! I’m a forever GM who mostly runs PbtA games. Current favorites are Masks and Thirsty Sword Lesbians.

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