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I've finished my first twine game "Longing" about lady monster love. Go play!

(created with the support of my patreons, every dollar helps support my game design creativity please consider contributing

Not posted in a while, trying to get it here again. I have my Day Two report with a link to my Day One report of what happened with Breakout which is a wonderful convention in Toronto.

I must remember, that when I lose a game because I built a "Jonathan Deck" that I have to hold onto the times it made me laugh uproariously.

It's the little things that kind of make all the difference.

About 4 months ago I added (he/him/his) to my work signature. Slightly smaller font, just put it there with no explanation. Read on twitter how it helped someone be more at ease.

Just now, I had a manager of another team be like "Hey thanks for that. Never saw it before, and read up on it. Glad to be more aware of stuff."

Little, itty, bitty thing. Makes a little bit of a change, little bit of difference.

Day 3 of the Oakwood Village Library along with a Patreon Fees update because you have to talk about that.

Just picked up Reigns: Her Majesty and ... you have to play it. If you loved Reigns this game is so bloody brilliant and I've only played one round of it.

Printed off a bunch of quick smaller versions of FAE for my kids at the library group. We're going to make a FAE game.

My hope is to make @clarkvalentine proud. ^_^

But those 5 years are always super tough.

It's always frustrating because I tend to work in a distracted fashion, like on 10 projects at a time, each one moving slower to completion.

Takes me like 5 years to publish anything new, but then it's like 2 or 3 things in a row.

Designing music for today - The Tragically Hip - In A World Possessed By The Human Mind

I was amused to no end to see the Babsocks people at the Toronto Holiday Mall? I dunno, they filled Nathan Phillips Square with tents and people sell stuff which we mostly ignored while we skated.

It also means that I need to buy more Fate dice.

Day 2 of the Artist in Residency at the Oakwood Village Library is done. Got the write up here:

Also, next we're going to be hacking FAE because I think it's the quickest game to hack (also PWYW). That's going to be our group presentation.

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In case you are in the Toronto Area, or are going to be in march, Breakout is looking for volunteers:

I tend to have song lists on my mind when I design stuff, and a lot of the CyberGen playlist migrated over to the writing of Awoke.

Ends up being a lot of pop music actually:
Kesha - Die Young
Nicki Minaj - The Night is Still Young
Lorde - Team
Sia - Cheap Thrills

It's really just one constant NPC in those game's personal playlist.

Working at the library today and they had a book sale and ... now ... I own more books.

I don't know if I shared this here, but here's the first day of me working as Artist in Residence at the Oakwood Village Library in Toronto through the Hand Eye Society.

It's got a link to the general design doc that I'm trying to get done. I have 3 more weeks to get something playable!

Okay, so I'm kind of excited by where this whole thing is going for Awoke.

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Reminder for folks on Mastodon; I have a long-running podcast full of RPG design and publishing related panels/seminars over at the RPG Design Panelcast which you can find at Plenty of awesome to check out in the back catalogue.

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